Safety first, then teamwork

Well this week has been awesome! The days are long but the weeks feel like they come so fast now! It’s pretty gnarly! We got a new elder two days ago! Elder Whetton from Mesa Arizona! He is super chill! He says the MTC here is way sicker than the one in Provo, and apparently there are a lot in Provo who couldn’t get the Visas on time! So the missionaries here are pretty lucky!!
Let’s see, on Sunday, we watched the Joseph Smith movie, which was awesome! I love watching movies! But I also just felt so much love and respect for that guy! He is such a boss! My Spanish keeps improving but I still have a long way. Ha-ha, I speak the most out of my District which is really nice but it makes me have to do a lot of work on my own because no one besides the teachers can help me out, but it feels good, ha ha. Usually, I was the dumb one in Spanish class. Ha ha, look at me now all you high school Spanish nerds!!! Connor, Sam, Becca, Cristina, not Kim.
Classic, but yeah, it’s going good here. Learning new things every day and I just find myself studying things I would never study when I was home, like the scriptures. Ha ha. We do a lot of that but I don’t know, it’s super legit. I always thought that if I was to get crazy involved with the scriptures then I would turn into a super gnarly Christian crazy kid, but I just feel happier and smile more! I still make jokes, still feel the exact same, in a good way though!
I just love it here. I’m pretty tripped out to go out in the real field but I’m super stoked too!!! I just want freedom!!!! But I’m so glad I came here to Spain first. Madrid is legit, and my futbol skills are being tested every day!! The teachers here are sooooooo amazing!! I pulled my hamstrings pretty bad but I play anyway which is a bad idea but I can’t just sit and watch. And I don’t have my Mom or Cristina telling me not to, so ha!!! I can do whatever I want!! Kinda
and I think I’m losing weight… which is weird because I don’t really eat healthy. It’s pretty annoying because my pants are getting loser and my belts are already too big. I guess I gotta just stop eating apples and eat more pudding and nutella.
Alright, I gotta bail, but it’s been nice catching up with you all. Hope you are all chilling and enjoying California. Send me a burrito!!!! Ha ha, Seth that means you homie!! I’m serious.
I love you all and love it here!! Keep it real and don’t forget me!!

PS I think I am beginning to really feel how special this calling is. I had a threesome companionship but a new elder came to split us up. But the first two kids were having issues. One is just sad a lot and has no idea what he is doing out here. He is an awesome kid but just really struggling with that and the other is struggling with the things he didn’t clear up. Just by listening to them, I can honestly say how stoked I am that I came out here the right way because I can see the difference in my experience compared to theirs. I just have been able to truly feel the Spirit. It’s weird. I’m usually not that guy and I’m still probably not considered that here but I feel way different. It’s pretty trippy.

Oh and totally forgot to talk about the park! I was companions with a Russian Elder who doesn’t speak English or Spanish!! So I was doing all the talking!! It was sooo gnarly!! It worked out most of the time but sometimes I would get so lost and just have to tell the person to slow down because I had no idea what was going on. But it was a good experience, because I felt my Spanish has gotten sooooo much bettter!! Which is a GREAT feeling!

Love your favorite Asian Italian missionary,
Elder Santore
Ps. Safety first then team work
mission motto



I’m out in Spain! Been here for about two weeks now and it’s super legit! We live right next to the Madrid temple and go every Thursday morning! My companions are two Utah kids and they are pretty awesome! Everyone just assumes I speak Spanish like usual.  So for the first few days I was pretty scared that people just spoke Spanish nonstop but turns out they just thought I was fluent!!! Ya, we get up at 6:30 and just work all day!!! The food is questionable but by the time it comes, I’m so hungry and can eat pretty much anything! I put nutella on everything because they have it out for every meal!!
There are about 40 missionaries here, most are going to Missions in Spain, and a few are going to Portugal, France, and Russia. But they only teach Spanish at this MTC so the other missionaries are fluent in their Mission languages. We just said bye to the Russian, France and Portugal Missionaries the other day which sucked because they were super legit!! I’m going to miss them, but we got two new Russian Elders and one Russian sister and are getting 5 new missionaries next week from the Utah MTC!
Every Thursday we get kind of a day off, P day. We go to the Temple and then write our family and friends. We then get to decide what we want to do with the day. Last week a bunch of us went to downtown Madrid and looked around and shopped and what not. Today we are just chilling around the MTC and are going to a mall to get some ties at a little thrift shop place!! So stoked!!! And next week we get to take a tour of the Real Madrid Stadium!!!!! I’m beyond excited to do that!!
Anyway each day I learn more and more and love the Mission more as well!! The spirit that is always around is awesome and I love it. My Spanish still sucks but it’s coming along and hopefully I’ll be able to speak fluently in a week. That would be legit.  Even though this place is so spiritual and respectful, I don’t think I have laughed as hard as I do here. My companion, Elder Anderson, is the strangest coolest kid I have ever met, haha! He was a hardcore gamer before he came out and loves to say extremely random things!! I’m making a list of all the things he says and the list is getting long!!!

I love you all and hope everything is good back in California!!

Elder Santore

singing at the temple!

First Email: I’m Here!

Sup Parents! Just wanted to let you know I am in Madrid! Pretty cool eh? We got here a few hours ago and have just been getting situated and what not. Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple which is like 40 steps away, no joke. It is pretty cool here, there are only like 50 missionaries right now and the capacity for the MTC is 70, so we will most likely get to know each other. Also my companion is from Finland, Elder Helskie or something like that, ha ha, and he speaks English which is good. But he has never learned Spanish… so when we go out on Saturday I’ll have to talk the most…
Also my other roommates are from Austria, Germany, Scotland and the last one from West Virginia. They seem super cool and laid back which is really nice, and they all speak English.
Everything is pretty chill here. The other missionaries seem pretty cool. The majority are all from Utah.
And my p day is tomorrow so I will be able to respond tomorrow or if you respond real fast right now.
Talk to you guys soon, love you!
Elder Santore