First Email: I’m Here!

Sup Parents! Just wanted to let you know I am in Madrid! Pretty cool eh? We got here a few hours ago and have just been getting situated and what not. Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple which is like 40 steps away, no joke. It is pretty cool here, there are only like 50 missionaries right now and the capacity for the MTC is 70, so we will most likely get to know each other. Also my companion is from Finland, Elder Helskie or something like that, ha ha, and he speaks English which is good. But he has never learned Spanish… so when we go out on Saturday I’ll have to talk the most…
Also my other roommates are from Austria, Germany, Scotland and the last one from West Virginia. They seem super cool and laid back which is really nice, and they all speak English.
Everything is pretty chill here. The other missionaries seem pretty cool. The majority are all from Utah.
And my p day is tomorrow so I will be able to respond tomorrow or if you respond real fast right now.
Talk to you guys soon, love you!
Elder Santore

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