I’m out in Spain! Been here for about two weeks now and it’s super legit! We live right next to the Madrid temple and go every Thursday morning! My companions are two Utah kids and they are pretty awesome! Everyone just assumes I speak Spanish like usual.  So for the first few days I was pretty scared that people just spoke Spanish nonstop but turns out they just thought I was fluent!!! Ya, we get up at 6:30 and just work all day!!! The food is questionable but by the time it comes, I’m so hungry and can eat pretty much anything! I put nutella on everything because they have it out for every meal!!
There are about 40 missionaries here, most are going to Missions in Spain, and a few are going to Portugal, France, and Russia. But they only teach Spanish at this MTC so the other missionaries are fluent in their Mission languages. We just said bye to the Russian, France and Portugal Missionaries the other day which sucked because they were super legit!! I’m going to miss them, but we got two new Russian Elders and one Russian sister and are getting 5 new missionaries next week from the Utah MTC!
Every Thursday we get kind of a day off, P day. We go to the Temple and then write our family and friends. We then get to decide what we want to do with the day. Last week a bunch of us went to downtown Madrid and looked around and shopped and what not. Today we are just chilling around the MTC and are going to a mall to get some ties at a little thrift shop place!! So stoked!!! And next week we get to take a tour of the Real Madrid Stadium!!!!! I’m beyond excited to do that!!
Anyway each day I learn more and more and love the Mission more as well!! The spirit that is always around is awesome and I love it. My Spanish still sucks but it’s coming along and hopefully I’ll be able to speak fluently in a week. That would be legit.  Even though this place is so spiritual and respectful, I don’t think I have laughed as hard as I do here. My companion, Elder Anderson, is the strangest coolest kid I have ever met, haha! He was a hardcore gamer before he came out and loves to say extremely random things!! I’m making a list of all the things he says and the list is getting long!!!

I love you all and hope everything is good back in California!!

Elder Santore

singing at the temple!


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