so THIS week

So this week was pretty good, didn’t really do much. We are just trying our best to talk to everyone and meet with members because we both don’t know really anything about the area. But it’s coming along and hopefully this week will be filled with lessons and new people to teach.
I’m loving the people here though. We have met people from all over South America and Africa! It’s like a huge culture mix here. I really enjoy meeting all different types of cultures and am excited to get to know each more specifically! Hopefully that will happen. Well, my Spanish could use some more work but it’s getting there. I hope I sound better than I think, ha-ha.
Although it’s been pretty slow, I love this work. My companion is great and we are just really trying to meet as many people as possible. I have had great experiences of just feeling God’s love and it helps me keep going.
I know this is where I need to be for that reason. I feel all your prayers and am so grateful to have such great support back home! I love you all!!!
Elder Santore

I’m HERE in Barcelona!!!

its been so nuts being here in such a different place! Im not gonna lie i have been feeling pretty scared and what not. well first things first I am serving in Sabadell!!!!! a city right above barcelona i think. Its really really pretty and the people are like all catalan! our ward is half latinos and half catalan!! so strange, so i think i may pick som e up hopefully!!! that crazy. and the craziest story!!!! so my companion is ELder Shumway!!!! I knew him before the mission!!!!!! we met at EFY on year and became friends and then i saw him occasionally at BYU! how crazy is that, such a weird thing. but he is super cool, from draper utah and just loves to work hard. We were brought into this area knowing nobody because he was just moved here too which really sucks because we have pretty much just been trying to talk to people on the streets and waht not. Our Ward is great though and given us some names to contact, so thats nice! we dont have a piso yet which means apartment. We are staying with some other elders until one gets approved. It blows because we cant really get situated and what not. but hopefully we will get our own this week!!

Its been good though, my spanish needs much more work but im trying my best i think. Everyone in the ward tells me ill be somewhat comfortable after 3 months, which is encouraging but still a long time haha. I dunno im trying to stay positive.

I have been studying a lot more which is good, and i have really loved the book of mormon more than ever. I have had some times recently where i just feel so down and once i started reading the book of mormon i just immediatley felt peace. its is one of those spiritual experiences that i have never had but always heard about. I finally feel like im growing daily with my studies, trippy feeling.

I love this work, although it is hard and frustrating at times, it feels good to be here. I miss everyone so much and truly hope you are all doing ok! I love you and thank you for your support!

Real mission, going to be some gnarly times!!!

The Stadium was soooo sick!!!!! And my hamstring is all good now!! Such a blessing. I just stopped playing for a few days and the next time I went I could run and shoot without any pain. I was stoked!! And I leave this coming Tuesday! So nuts!!!! And they still do have people stay here for the temple I think. The MTC is only the 4th,5th , and 6th floors, so the bottom ones are used for housing members attending the Temple, I’m pretty sure. I haven’t gotten the package yet but I’m hoping today or tomorrow!!! That would be very nice!!! I’m very excited for it!!!
The Spanish is coming along well. I can understand a lot in writing, but when people talk is when I get confused because they speak so fast ahhhhhhh, but I gotta get used to it because next week I’m out in the real mission, going to be some gnarly times!!! I’m pretty excited!!
Ok, so the week has been good. We went to the park and I was with a Spanish speaker. We just got a lot of Spanish speakers in the MTC and we all were put with Spanish speakers! It was crazy, they were speaking so fast and I didn’t really say anything, really, but it was super fun still.
I forgot to tell you that I gave a talk two Sundays in Spanish, it was super jank and probably didn’t make any sense but people told me I did a good job, which is cool. I hope I did a good job.
And this past week, we were teaching our teacher in a fake little demonstration and my Spanish was just flowing. It was really cool. I was feeling the spirit really gnarly and it was just amazing. I just knew at that moment when I was speaking that this is a very important message, that these things can change lives and it was a little scary when this hit me because I felt really inadequate for a sec, like how can I talk about this amazing truth when I’m just a little idiot. And I just felt so good inside, like I wasn’t alone. I don’t know, just being here has really made me realize how important this is, not only to people, but mostly to God. He wants all this to go down and will help us get the work done. It made me happy, because I have always heard about that, but I felt it this past week and continue to feel it everyday!
My hamstring is all better and I have been able to exercise which is awesome because I have been feeling really sluggish. I am scared to go out to Barcelona but I’m also really excited. I pray for you all and hope everyone is doing great!!!
And I totally forgot, but Happy BIrthday Jonathan!!! Hope it was a good one!! You are the man, come out to Spain ha-ha.
I love you all and can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!
Elder Santore

Hamstrings are like torn

Basically this week, we didn’t do much crazy things, just the usual. Last P day we just chilled around the MTC and went and played some futbol for a few hours. My hamstring are like torn, so I’m not playing this week and hoping it will be good by next week because it’s like the best part of the day, and not being able to play really sucks.

Other news, last Saturday in the park I was with Elder Proctor, from Utah and doesn’t speak really any Spanish. It was good though, I got to practice a lot and we placed a Book of Mormon with a man who seemed really interested in learning more. It is pretty cool, I can communicate better after a few weeks here than I have ever been able to in High School, haha.

Well today I’m going to the Real Madrid Stadium!!!! So stoked for that!! I can’t wait!

Other than that, I have just been trying really hard to learn more Spanish and find new scriptures to memorize in Spanish! But I am coming to really love this gospel! Each day I learn something new and it just blows my mind. This world is filled with so much love and I’m finally starting to see it. I just wish everybody could feel this way, ya know! It’s so sad to me that people don’t know who they truly are!

I love this place and I love this church! Thanks for all the support and love

Elder Santore