Hamstrings are like torn

Basically this week, we didn’t do much crazy things, just the usual. Last P day we just chilled around the MTC and went and played some futbol for a few hours. My hamstring are like torn, so I’m not playing this week and hoping it will be good by next week because it’s like the best part of the day, and not being able to play really sucks.

Other news, last Saturday in the park I was with Elder Proctor, from Utah and doesn’t speak really any Spanish. It was good though, I got to practice a lot and we placed a Book of Mormon with a man who seemed really interested in learning more. It is pretty cool, I can communicate better after a few weeks here than I have ever been able to in High School, haha.

Well today I’m going to the Real Madrid Stadium!!!! So stoked for that!! I can’t wait!

Other than that, I have just been trying really hard to learn more Spanish and find new scriptures to memorize in Spanish! But I am coming to really love this gospel! Each day I learn something new and it just blows my mind. This world is filled with so much love and I’m finally starting to see it. I just wish everybody could feel this way, ya know! It’s so sad to me that people don’t know who they truly are!

I love this place and I love this church! Thanks for all the support and love

Elder Santore


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