Real mission, going to be some gnarly times!!!

The Stadium was soooo sick!!!!! And my hamstring is all good now!! Such a blessing. I just stopped playing for a few days and the next time I went I could run and shoot without any pain. I was stoked!! And I leave this coming Tuesday! So nuts!!!! And they still do have people stay here for the temple I think. The MTC is only the 4th,5th , and 6th floors, so the bottom ones are used for housing members attending the Temple, I’m pretty sure. I haven’t gotten the package yet but I’m hoping today or tomorrow!!! That would be very nice!!! I’m very excited for it!!!
The Spanish is coming along well. I can understand a lot in writing, but when people talk is when I get confused because they speak so fast ahhhhhhh, but I gotta get used to it because next week I’m out in the real mission, going to be some gnarly times!!! I’m pretty excited!!
Ok, so the week has been good. We went to the park and I was with a Spanish speaker. We just got a lot of Spanish speakers in the MTC and we all were put with Spanish speakers! It was crazy, they were speaking so fast and I didn’t really say anything, really, but it was super fun still.
I forgot to tell you that I gave a talk two Sundays in Spanish, it was super jank and probably didn’t make any sense but people told me I did a good job, which is cool. I hope I did a good job.
And this past week, we were teaching our teacher in a fake little demonstration and my Spanish was just flowing. It was really cool. I was feeling the spirit really gnarly and it was just amazing. I just knew at that moment when I was speaking that this is a very important message, that these things can change lives and it was a little scary when this hit me because I felt really inadequate for a sec, like how can I talk about this amazing truth when I’m just a little idiot. And I just felt so good inside, like I wasn’t alone. I don’t know, just being here has really made me realize how important this is, not only to people, but mostly to God. He wants all this to go down and will help us get the work done. It made me happy, because I have always heard about that, but I felt it this past week and continue to feel it everyday!
My hamstring is all better and I have been able to exercise which is awesome because I have been feeling really sluggish. I am scared to go out to Barcelona but I’m also really excited. I pray for you all and hope everyone is doing great!!!
And I totally forgot, but Happy BIrthday Jonathan!!! Hope it was a good one!! You are the man, come out to Spain ha-ha.
I love you all and can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!
Elder Santore


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