I’m HERE in Barcelona!!!

its been so nuts being here in such a different place! Im not gonna lie i have been feeling pretty scared and what not. well first things first I am serving in Sabadell!!!!! a city right above barcelona i think. Its really really pretty and the people are like all catalan! our ward is half latinos and half catalan!! so strange, so i think i may pick som e up hopefully!!! that crazy. and the craziest story!!!! so my companion is ELder Shumway!!!! I knew him before the mission!!!!!! we met at EFY on year and became friends and then i saw him occasionally at BYU! how crazy is that, such a weird thing. but he is super cool, from draper utah and just loves to work hard. We were brought into this area knowing nobody because he was just moved here too which really sucks because we have pretty much just been trying to talk to people on the streets and waht not. Our Ward is great though and given us some names to contact, so thats nice! we dont have a piso yet which means apartment. We are staying with some other elders until one gets approved. It blows because we cant really get situated and what not. but hopefully we will get our own this week!!

Its been good though, my spanish needs much more work but im trying my best i think. Everyone in the ward tells me ill be somewhat comfortable after 3 months, which is encouraging but still a long time haha. I dunno im trying to stay positive.

I have been studying a lot more which is good, and i have really loved the book of mormon more than ever. I have had some times recently where i just feel so down and once i started reading the book of mormon i just immediatley felt peace. its is one of those spiritual experiences that i have never had but always heard about. I finally feel like im growing daily with my studies, trippy feeling.

I love this work, although it is hard and frustrating at times, it feels good to be here. I miss everyone so much and truly hope you are all doing ok! I love you and thank you for your support!


One thought on “I’m HERE in Barcelona!!!

  1. Ryan, its Scott Santore. Keep us posted man! Good luck out there, sounds like you’re enjoying it all. Also, did you take the pic for the background of this page? Its rad, makes me wanna book a flight out there

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