so THIS week

So this week was pretty good, didn’t really do much. We are just trying our best to talk to everyone and meet with members because we both don’t know really anything about the area. But it’s coming along and hopefully this week will be filled with lessons and new people to teach.
I’m loving the people here though. We have met people from all over South America and Africa! It’s like a huge culture mix here. I really enjoy meeting all different types of cultures and am excited to get to know each more specifically! Hopefully that will happen. Well, my Spanish could use some more work but it’s getting there. I hope I sound better than I think, ha-ha.
Although it’s been pretty slow, I love this work. My companion is great and we are just really trying to meet as many people as possible. I have had great experiences of just feeling God’s love and it helps me keep going.
I know this is where I need to be for that reason. I feel all your prayers and am so grateful to have such great support back home! I love you all!!!
Elder Santore

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