So today is my 2 month mark!!! im like almost done haha. No but really, it seems like it is going very fast. This week was great. we had a lot of miracles happen that usually never happen. Three happened in one day right after another which is so insane! We have been really struggling to find new people to teach and boom! So we just walk out of our piso and seem an African man, we start talking to him and learn he speaks english, then he says he would love for us to come by and teach him our gospel because he loves the bible! so we have an appointment with him this week. Then we were on the bus just thinking to ourselves wow, that was incredible when a Dominican man turns around and asks if we are the mormons. We were like ya! and he starts talking about 14 years ago he was taught by the mormons in the Dominican Republic but left to Spain before he could learn more. Well he wants to learn more! IT was such an amazing experience. And then we were eating some lunch at a little cafe and this man comes up and asks if we are the mormons again! we were like ya, once again. and he goes off about he has been talking to mormons online in the missionary chat thing, and wants missionaries to come to his home to teach him. We were like what! ya we can do that! it was such a blessing to us to know that all the contacting and hard work we had done was really paying off!!

I really love this work. it is soooo hard at times but it is sooo worth it. I am already seeing this gospel change lives including my own. its an amazing thing that I wish everyone could have!! 
Well i love you so much! thanks for all the support!! I truly appreciate it all!!! I feel so much love from home
you are all the greatest people!!!
Elder Santore
ps no funny poop story yet.. still waiting, but it will happen

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