4th of July

Why hello!! It has been a great week! We moved into our new piso which is so nice!! I love it! it as air conditioning which is really rare but such a blessing! It is getting so hot here, im starting to sweat pretty crazy amount haha.

But other than that the work is getting pretty intense. We are finally strating to have a bunch of teaching visits with people which is so great! the other day we were just sitting down trying to plan out our night in a little more detail and a man and a woman came up to us. Apparently he was baptized in ecuador a long time ago and moved here to spain and didnt know there was a church here. We met with him and his family and they all have plans to be baptized on the 27! it was amazing! the kids are so excited, they have two girls and a boy ages 18, 14, and 9. so incredible, we were just sitting trying to figure out what we needed to do that night and bam!

That seriously was such a great blessing. Elder shumway and i were like floating the rest of the week because of the greatness that had occurred haha.
LEts see though, i have been doing yoga every morning which is pretty intense. Im getting really zen. I swear soon ill be able to just fly, thats how zen i am. But for real, it makes the day so great. We get up do some yoga, take some protein, take hot cold showers, do some insense and drink mate while we study. I feel like im about to reach mormon nirvana every morning haha. Its getting pretty close.

In all serious, I am seeing a lot of great things happen. we see miracles everyday and i am so grateful for it. I feel great. This is such a tremendous work. I wish i could speak better but i feel it coming along. I feel like im working a lot harder which feels great. I love you all and hope you are having a great week!! stay great!!

Love your favorite Misisonary,
Elder Ryan Santore
AKA Zen Master of Spain



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