Hello again!

Another week in spain. Sometimes its weird walking around here. I am starting to get used to all the european streets and its freaky, like before i was all amazed by it all but now its just nothing that special haha. But i still look at all the allies and waht not and just find myself thinking ¨how the heck did i end up here¨. Its a good feeling for sure. This week we just tried so hard to get working, it really showed with our numbers! before we had like 1 person come to church a few lessons ervy week but this week we had 5 people come to church, taught 13 lessons with members present. It was amazing, we made our goals really hard but it just made us work so much more for them. It was nuts, yesterday in church my mind was so tired from walking everyday and jsut concentrating on getting those goals that i just couldnt keep my eyes open. I dont think i have ever been so tired haha. Ill be walking and just cloe my eyes for a little, im literally starting to sleep while im walking in the streets for a little. Its pretty gnarly. But that means im working i hope.

Lets see, I saw SAM HOUSEKEEPER! biggest surprise of my life!!!! We had to go to the office in BArcelona to get interviewed by the president(happens every few months, i wasnt in trouble), and he was just sitting on a couch in there! We have only been in the office once in my mission and i was in there for probably an hour. him being there was such a crazy miracle! I saw him and was confused because he was dressed normal, and i was like wow that looks like WAIT WHAT THE HECK! it was a very trippy experience! I didnt really know what to say, but im so glad i saw him. Never thought an old high school buddy would just pop up in the mission office, unreal.

Im trying to think of other things that happened this week. we just keep working and working, yoga and insense, thats the way haha. I dunno waht i would do without that right now. Things with spanish and just being away from the world can be really difficult and when i just breathe and stretch i feel great. It calms me down and makes me more patient. Its crazy haha. but i love it.

I feel all your prayers and love. I appreciate it so much! I know that our father in heaven is listening when we pray. I have felt it beyond belief here. I wish the people that we spoke to could find it themselves to try it because it really makes all the difference. We are alive to have joy, and when we feel sad we have someone to talk to always! its an unreal blessing. I am so blessed to have this in my life and i just want the world to have it also. I love this work, it is inredcibly difficult and so tiring but i have never felt this way before. So many emotions of happiness and calmness. this is the way, i love you all!

Thanks again for all you do!

Elder Ryan Santore


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