Good week!

Good week good week! we were very busy but we definetly saw the benefits! This upcoming week the PLaza kids are being baptized. They are so great. Tony the youngest is such a stud and has so much excitement and energy about his baptism. Kelly the oldest 17, is really excited too. Joseline 15, wasnt so sure about it but we had a really spiritual lesson about prayer the other day. I think she didnt really understand the power of prayer. Now i think she is really praying for her answer, I know that when we ask our father in heaven, with real intent, he will always answer. It is so beautiful to me. I dont think i would have been this excited about religion when i was their age, but i am so glad to see their example and be able to witness such a special thing in them. I really love this work and cannot wait for more things lke this to happen.
I love you all and i know God loves us! Im not becoming some religious nerd or anything i just feel good and now i finally know why

Thanks for all your love and support
Elder Santore


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