Week number I don’t know

good afternoon my fellow people! Its such a pleasure to be able to write back to you all! first off I want to thank everyone who has written me letters! Sammy, Kim, Drew, Tor, Jessie thank you so much!!!! I will try so very hard to get back to you. Also to the moellers! thank you so much, your letter was so great i truly loved it! and to teh christensens! thank you so much! Sister Bertha thanks so much for your weekly dear elders! The quotes are the best and i love hearing about back home! And of course to my family and cristina! thank you so much, receiving letters is the happiest things ever and i am so grateful for them!!

This week was pretty great, just like the others i guess. Im coming to find out that the weeks are great when my attitude is as well! Such a dumb little realization to find out but i did it, and im proud of myself.

The plazas went out of town last week but they are planning on being baptized this saturday!! so exciting, they are really looking forward to it. we also have daniela and maria planning on being baptized as well! They are the mother and daughter that elder shumway and i found on the street right outside of piso! such a miracle! These people have just loved the gospel from day 1 and accepted it so easily, so crazy! It is so easy to teach them because they feel the spirit so strong so even if our words are dumb or dont make sense they feel that its right. that makes the pressure of not being able to fully speak a lot easier.

Also we had transfers last week. We have a new sister now named Hermana bennet, she is from San Marcos! so crazy, such a small world. And elder biddle from austrailia left fort eh islands and we now have elder madsen from utah here! they are both great, and elder madsen played lacrosse at byu and knows brady and andrew really well, so nuts how there are so many connections.

I wanna answer some questions to some peoples questions. In spare time i usually just try and think and sit down and relax. we also watch a lot of misisonary videos which are super great. i guess Elder Shumway and i just talk about life and what not. We really dont get that much time to do anything besides missionary work, which is really hard at times but it all works out.
also we do knock doors. we try not to because it usually never works. We go up to the top floor of piso buildings and just make our way down. I dont think we have gotten anyone to let us in yet, but we have also only done it a few times because we usually dont need to. No real funny stories with knocking yet, most people just open and say nope not interested or some up to the door quietly and look out the hole and try and act like they arent home. its actually pretty funny, we usually just walk away laughing during those ones.

thats about it, i think. IM sorry im such a boring writer. I wish i was better but hey i got time to improve so leave me alone. I love yuo all so very much and cannot wait to see all your smiling faces again!
I know we all have a plan and that through our loving father in heaven we can feel happier than we ever have! The book of mormon is true, just read it and ask god if it isnt true, i promise you will feeel something!!

IM so happy to be here
your friend,
Elder Santore


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