so this was great! We baptized three kids! the plaza family! it was so great!! I baptized the oldest, Kelly, elder shumway baptized the youngest tony. and our ward mission leader baptized the middle joseline! such a crazy day. We were just getting prepared for it the entire day because we werent sure if it was really gonna happen until like thursday so we had to get people to give talks and make the program. It was a busy little time. But it was so great, the spirit was so strong at the baptism. the young women sang a song right before the baptism, it was great. this is the family where the dad is a member that just found us on the street and told us to come teach his family. Its unreal! the mom isnt able to come to church yet because of work but im pretty sure she really wants to be become a member as well. they are such an amazing family. We were so blessed to be able to teach them. I cant wait to see their progress as they learn more and more.

Other than that the week was pretty much the same. We went to lledia again for a zone thing which is always super fun because we get to take the train and just chill with the otehr missionaries and play games and talk for a few hours! never a bad time.

I dont really know what else, everytime i think my spanish is getting somewhere i mess up and feel super dumb as usual. but i think i see some improvement and what not. maybe in a few months ill write some things in spanish, maybe.

I love hearing all about home, it makes me happy knowing things are going well. at times i really really wish i could just go jump in the ocean. Its been getting pretty hot, but im pretty sure that it will start getting cooler in a little. My companion jut bought his first spanish suit. whooooo those things are good looking. I cant wait to purcahse one of my own haha. Probably wont be a for a while because i wouold just hate to ruin something like that. But man, im glad to be here knowing that one day i could have a suit like that.

Sometimes i just loook around and go wow im in spain, its super pretty here. I cant believe how lucky i am. i love it here.

I love you all so very much and as always i really appreaciete(have no idea how to spell that word) your support and love!!

Also for those wondering, we use buses and trains to get around. no bikes. Just walking with buses and trains, mostly buses in sabadell but in barcelona they use the metro or subway. I have walked about 500 miles so far on the mission. I have a little pedometer in my bag recording. so great!

Love you all,
Elder Santore



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