Hey how’s it going!

ITs me here, just been doing quite grand. this week has been great. The heat is starting to be less crazy so thats always good. We met with some people we contacted on the street which is always a fun time. We had to really try and meet with new people this week because some of our regulars have started to avoid us and stopped answering. Kinda sad, we keep trying to contact them but they are pretty cold most of the time, its because the 4 that are doing this have said they want to join the church and they feel that it is all true. Super big bummer.

But on the other hand we met some other amazing people. A spanish man named Fransico, he is super smart and super nice. We gave him the Book of Mormon and he handled it with such care and really gave us a humbling thanks for it. He has said he wants to be baptized because he wants to have the joy that he felt while with us all the time. He is so ready and I can already see this gospel making him happier. Such a blessing to meet him

We also met a woman on the street, she actually stopped us. That doesnt happen too often. She wanted us to come over and teach her and her daughter. they are both from bolivia. We taught them about the restoration and they felt it was true and very beautiful they have a baptismal date in three weeks! its so great how the power from this message can be noticed so well! I love it.

My spanish is still coming along and i feel like its gotten better, but there are more times well i feel like poop. studying was never my biggest strength so language study is a real issue for me! We shall see how everything ends up, hopefully ill get it soon

I love you all and pray for your happiness 

thanks for all the support 

Love Elder Santore

ps. we went on a great little hike today! first time in nature in like 4 months haha. felt so great!!!! ive missed that haha



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