Good week once again

We were able to see some good things, but this week went by super fast. Elder Shumway got pretty sick with some 24 hour flu thing. He was throwing up and what not, pretty intense. so we stayed in friday and Saturday and kinda just chilled out. It was pretty nice, good little break, but at the end of the day it felt really weird. Usually we get back and are just sooooo tired but i found myseld not being able to sleep because i didnt really do much all day. Haha i dont think i have ever had a problem with being lazy in my life yet now my body seems not used to it. Super crazy

Bad news is none of our investigators came to church. the church is a little far so its always such a hard thing for them to come, even more when they dont have bus passes. but we had some good visits with fransico and Stephanie who both say they really want to become a part of this church.

We went on another fun little hike today. It was beautiful. walked up a little mountain to this old church. Great view and just great little time.

Transfers are coming up this week, so i may be leaving or elder shumway may be leaving. Its gonna be exciting, we shall see what happens.

Anyway, this week didnt have a lot of things happen, but i love you all and feel all your love still.

advice of the week from Elder Santore: Always use Frosted Mugs to drink cold beverages, and always have ice cream near by. Fun tip to make any day better.

i love you and until next week, your favorite little missionary
Elder Santore


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