Gandia Shore!!!!!

Why hello fellow people!

On Saturday I found out that i am headed to Gandia!! Its in valencia and is supposed to be reallly pretty. My new companion is Elder MArquez i think and is from england! Super great. IM really excited to get going and see more of spain. I feel so blessed. Also supposedly there is a tv show called Gandia shore like Jersey shore. Imma Convert spanish Snooki! So down haha
But this week has been great. Its weird because i thought i would be staying and elder Shumway would leave but other way around. He is staying and training again. But Things are still good. We have found new people to teach and stephanie seems really great but just hasnt come to churh yet! All she needs to do is come and feel the happiness there and then she can be baptized. Unfortunaletly i wont be able to see any more baptisms in this area, super lame. Other than that no other crazy things have happened. We cant really get a hold of Fransico our catalan investigator which is a bummer, he was soooo interested but now i think he is over it. Who knows
Lets see. The ice cream wall we have in our piso is almost touching the ceiling haha, we eat a lot of ice cream! It gives us a reward if we work hard throughout the day and even if we dont too
Thank you for all your love and support. I feel it everyday. The work has been tiring but its good. Im excited to see what valencia has in store for me and to get to work there. i hear there is great stuff going on there. Ill let you all know!
Oh and my spansh is still pretty bad. Im working on it though so dont worry.
I love you all
oh advice of the week: always smile
Elder Santore

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