Gandia sup sup

So I am now here in Gandia!! its so great here!! Its smaller than sabadell. We will be walking everwhere rather than taking buses. Its super great though. we have a lot of member visits with food!! that didnt happen that much in sabadell. I dont know why.

It was a like a 3 hour hour train ride to valencia, but it was so great. We were right next to the beach the whole time. The view was incredible!!! I really enjoyed it. and the ¡n it was another hour to gandia on a different train. So i am in the farthest south of the mission. Super crazy.

My companion is Elder Marques from london! He is technically from portugal but has lived in england pretty much his whole life. He is super great and chill. we have already started getting along really well!

We also have couple missionaries in our area! they are the Livingstons from around portland Oregon! They are great! They feed us every now and agian and just help with member support and stuff! they are super fun, oh and they drive us around to visits that arent in the town!! Its such a blessing

Ya i have reeally only been able to meet some members and what not. Nothing crazy has happened yet. Just trying to get used to the change. But i think things will be great here. Im really excited to get started and see where things take me.

thanks for all the support and love!! i really appreacite it!! You are all the greatest!! I love you

Shout out to the letters I got this past week!! Sister Bertha!! thanks so much
Sydney Crowe!!! Best letter haha, Your personality was all over the letter.

Much Love,

Elder Santore



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