Happy, happy, happy!

I have two huge shout outs this week!!! yeeeee!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! THE BIG 35! hope its the best thing ever, and that you feel the love! I love you mother!! like a lot

CRISTINA MARIE MCLENNAN!!! CHIIKKAAA CHIIKKKAAA BAPTIZZZEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! such an amazing thing. Being on the mission has made me really see the beauty that comes with it and now I know you know it too!!!! What an amazing thing!!! Made my week very long waiting to find out all the details haha but well worth the wait! thank you so much!! I love you so much!!

this week like stated above was long because I was waiting to see what went down, but it was still good. We taught the romanian family and they are just so great. We just need them to get married so bad! We also are teaching a man named cesar, from peru. He is super chill, likes to talk a lot about different philosophical things and his spanish vocab is quite difficult to grasp. Im used to hearing church words so when a different thing comes up i am pretty lost. But he is great, His daughter was just baptized a few months ago, so he wants to know what the hype is. Tonight we are going to a members house to watch the Restoration movie in a home cinema!!! UNCE UNCE!! what brings the spirit more than a big projector and that movie? there are few things but this is gonna be great!

Other than that, this week was pretty mellow, i have a lot of work to do with spanish and trying to become better, which sucks but also is a good thing i guess. something that i think changed my life this week… we get our fruit at a little store by our piso and its run by an Indian man, we talk to him all the time, he is the nicest guy. Well he is trying to learn english so he talks to us in broken english sometimes. the other day we were talking to him about all the bad things in the world and he was just like “yep yep, problems problems problems, un dìa, happy happy happy!” It was inspired haha, I thought it was the best thing ever! Just keep moving forward with a good attitude and obeying and we will be all good.

Thanks for all the love and the support, i feel it everyday! Pray for me to learn spanish!!!
Love you all

Elder Santore



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