Such an amazing week!! i mean wow. Conference just blew me away, we still havent been able to see sunday afternoon because of the time difference but i think we are going to watch it this week. But wow the other sessions. What a loving loving weekedn, i just felt so blessed the whole time. so many talks were just bringing me to tears, I just cant believe how happy this gospel makes me. The talk by Elder Holland, and Uchtdorf!! oh my so amazing. We watched it in english upstairs in the church on the church computer! so lucky haha, so much better in english!

Lets see, we taught the romanians a lot this week, they still are having trouble getting married so we have to figure that out. and lets see we had exchanges! that was super fun, our district leader came down and stayed with me and elder marques went up to valencia. It was super fun. His name is Elder Moreno he is from southern Spain, and doesnt speak much english, super fun and nice elder. We had a blast and my spanish got a lot better. we had a huge busy day though, just were teaching lesson after lesson, super tiring but at the end of the day we were just so filled with love, it was amazing.

Well, im excited to see what happens this week, we have transfers again, its always an exciting feeling. But thank you all for the love and prayers that i feel everyday! I couldnt do it without you!

I thoughht i would leave this with people as well. I know this church is true, I know that Jesus Christ lives and suffered all of our sins and sadnesses and everything. I have no idea how he did it, but i know he did. this knowledge hasnt come in one night or just being on my mission. But night after night as i pray i feel something, I feel a love that isnt just my mind playing games on me. its real, it makes me cry and it makes me smile, I want everyone to feel it and i want everyone to know that there isnt anything that he hasnt felt anything that he cant help us with.

I love being here, its not easy but i know that this is what i need to be doing.
I love you all!

Elder Santore


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