I feel happier than ever in my life

Ok so im staying in gandia with elder marques. I thought thats what would happen so im not too emotional about it. Lets see, Cesar has a fecha for the next week!!!! we are sooo stoked! he is the best, we get aong great. i dont understand everything he says but its all good because he is just a chiller. But he is super happy about being baptized, wanted a change in his life and finally figured out that this was for him. We are so happy.

Today we went with the livingstons, couple missionaries, to some caves very south in the mission. they were unreal, just caves dug into the wall by really really old people, not like elderly hahaha like ancient. super legit!!! some pics below for all the curious folks!!



The mission is good, my spanish not so much. I have been avoiding using the lisp because when i do i sound way different. Teh spaniards make it sound so much better and when i try i just sound like a straight fool. so every one thinks im from south america because i dont have their lisp thing. but its all good, at least they cant tell im some gringo from california, or maybe they do and they are just confused as why i look like i should speak spanish. anyways, i just know i have a lot of work to do haha.

I feel happy, happier than ever in my life. I feel full, like my life finally is making sense and i can just look forward in one direction rather than turning in circles looking for the right one to pick. Its a good feeling. I know my prays are answered and i know that this is the most important work. i am a terrible missionary compared to others but im trying to get better. and with that effort i feel great peace and love. I really am enjoying. although some days are really really hard annoying and just make me want to go home, the good days make me forget about those ones. if that makes sense. Im just happy ok, i cant really describe it better than that

I love you all!! thanks for the support and the love! i know i got here because of all of you! your prayers keep me going!! im so happy for that!

Love your favorite missionary!
Elder Santore



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