Hola Carinos!!

welcome to my email, i hope you find yourself comfortable. this week has been quite swell. we didnt do much but we did work. cesar wont be getting baptixed this week, still hasnt received his answer, but we know he has!! answers to prayers dont come through huge visions, it comes as you live the gospel and turn back and look at the change in your life and can see the beautiful difference thats there. He loves coming to church and to all the other activities so thats good, he will join, becauase he loves it, i have no doubt.

Im starting to get back into yoga and stretching, thats always a good thing. it helpes me feel really good throughout the day.
there is a recent convert here who doesnt come to church anymore because he plays baseball on sunday, well we went to his practice on saturday and we got to practice a little. it was awful, i havent thrown a baseball in like 3 years i think or a little less but we didnt even warm up and i was at short stop just blowing it haha, i was so embarrased, they thought i was gonna be this estados unidos star, i made some good plays but whoa, i need to practice next time haha.

ya below are some pics from a family in the ward, they are the best, we go there every saturday, they are from ecuador, super funny and always a good time. the people here are great. Im meeting so many different cultures its insane.

well i love you all, read the book of mormon, and pray about it. You will receive an answer. its true

thanks for the support and the love!
con mucho amor

Elder Santore

DSCF0575 (1)


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