the good always outweighs the bad

Hola mis amigos, I hope all is well and love is all around. This week has been a good one. We had stake conference up in Valencia this past sunday. We stayed at some elders piso in valencia, it was super fun, I wanna live in a four man piso. I think it would be more entertaining. But ya stake conference went really well, President Pace, our mission president talked and had all the missionaries from the stake get up and there are so many, 34! thats crazy. last year there was only 14 in the valencia stake. The work is really getting started here. HE kept talking about how the missionaries and the members really need to be working together and that the missioanries are only here to help the members teach. Thats something i never really knew haha. So thats good though, I could have been better at that before my mission.

ya other than taht, we are really trying to work with cesar and find news. We really only have cesar and felicia and rodrigo who cant be baptized until they are married anyway. Such a bummer right now. We have been contacting a lot of people and knocking a lot of doors, which really isnt the most efficient way to do missionary work. And its annoying, and being here in spain, we get denied in so many different languages, i can probably say no no no, i dont ahve time or im not interested in like 6or 7 new languages haha. Just because a lot of other europoean immigrants have come here and what not.

But ya, its been good. im trying to stay focused and learn this language already, but its hard work ill tell you. IM always tired and always hot and sweaty, hopefully winter comes soon.

I feel good though, the work is good and i go to sleep smiling. So thats a good sign haha, just harder work than i imagined haha, im not used to it.

I love you all and no matter what happens in this life there is always hope, always gods love around us. Its so true. just look around and the good always outweighs the bad, even though sometimens the bad outnumbers the good. There is more to this life, I am happy to be here and hope to always have this feeling in my heart, no matter the bad that may come with life

I love you all you all, thank you so much for your support!

Elder Santore


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