Cesar the Guapo

Great news this week!! Cesar is getting baptized!!! Haha finally! but now he is for sure and we are all so happy for him! after 4 months of talking with him 3-5 times a week he is finally doing it!! He just know its all true and was scared about not being perfect afterwards but now he knows that he doesnt need to be perfect. I am jsut so stoked for this guy, I ahve seen such a big change in him and I know this will be just the beginning of a happier life for him.

So ya that was good, I was sick this week also. We stayed in and I jsut napped all day. Super weird, i felt fine going to bed and woke up and just couldnt function haha, it was awful but the next day i was fine. Strange.. Ya anyway staying at home is weird, you get all bored and just think about home and its really sad, makes me really grateful about working, never thought i would say that haha.

I also gave a talk yesterday. It was awful the second counselor called us in the morning and asked if i could give a talk because all the others fell through. I had like 30 minutes to prepare a talk. In english i would have been nervous… It went ok, super jank and sketchy but people said it was nice and taht made me feel better even if they were lying haha. And other than that we have tranfers coming this week and we will be getting two more elders in our piso!! yeee so stoked off that, that is if i am staying. I think i will though.

Well as always, I know this gospel is true. I invite all to read the Book of Mormon. Read it with a heart wanting to really know and you will no doubt receive an answer ffrom God. in his time and in his way he will always asnwer, our job is to obey and look for the asnwers. I love being here, its hard and i can do better but I love it.

thank you all for your lvoe and support. i feel it everyday!!
your friend,
Elder Ryan Santore


capture the flag!

Well right now I am in valencia because teh zone is having a big capture the flag game, I am so excited! I have really missed playing games on preaparation day, living with only one elder makes it difficult because we can really only play baskteball or soemthing and bigger games are always more fun. so i am super stoekd to be able to do that.

this past week, Elder Marques was sick. so we stayed in on saturday. super weird, being out and working all day everyday, makes a day of just laying around the house so strange. I took some naps, i cleaned a lot and read scriptures and watcjed church videos haha, i was so bored for so long hhaha. but he was fine after the day so sunday was normal again.

we havent really done much this week, Cesar is still iffy about baptism because he doenst want to fal back into old ways after. But we cant progress until we take leaps, so we are just trying our hardest to get him there!! he is so close!!

we contact a lot of people because we dont have many people to teach right now, but i think some things will start happening. some of the members have told us tthat they have some friends that they want to give to us to teach. Thats always a great thing to hear.

ya well thank you all for your love and your support, it means a lot and i really feel it everyday!

Until next week,

Elder Santore

this Gospel is a gift

This week was really good. We saw a lot of kids dressed up but they dont really celebrate halloween that much, its more of a US thing. I have heard that they only started celebrating it because the kids have seen it on disney channel haha, i thought that was real funny. Well we went on a nice hike this past week with Jesus, a member in our world haha i just like saying that. But the hike was really nice, an investigator came and we had a little sermon on the mount when we reached the top, super great. The spirit is pretty strong in the nature, i really like that and i hope that we will be able to do it again!

We also had President PAce the mission president here in Gandia for church and then we ate lunch with him, it was crazy. He is such a good man, Cesar came to lunch with us as well and he told us he knows the church is true! such a good thing, he is planning on being baptized next week, but he is sccared that he will sin again, but we keep telling him that after baptism no one is perfect still and with the holy ghost he will be able to feel so much more strength, Such a powerful friend we have.

Thats about it, we had 8 investigators at church this past sundaY! but a lot of them still have a long way before they will be members, no one is married in this country!! but ya today we went to a legit castle! been there since like 200 bc, they dont have those in the states so that was interesting to see. I love the history here, its amazing to see all crazy things taht are still around and waht not.

well i love you all, the church is true, its so true. dont trust me, put your trust in God, he knows all and can give you the answers you need and want. Just need to show him our faith by obeying and being patient to receive answers, but the asnwers always come. I love being able to tell people that, this gospel is a gift and I am so grateful for knowing it and having it in my life.


Elder Santore