capture the flag!

Well right now I am in valencia because teh zone is having a big capture the flag game, I am so excited! I have really missed playing games on preaparation day, living with only one elder makes it difficult because we can really only play baskteball or soemthing and bigger games are always more fun. so i am super stoekd to be able to do that.

this past week, Elder Marques was sick. so we stayed in on saturday. super weird, being out and working all day everyday, makes a day of just laying around the house so strange. I took some naps, i cleaned a lot and read scriptures and watcjed church videos haha, i was so bored for so long hhaha. but he was fine after the day so sunday was normal again.

we havent really done much this week, Cesar is still iffy about baptism because he doenst want to fal back into old ways after. But we cant progress until we take leaps, so we are just trying our hardest to get him there!! he is so close!!

we contact a lot of people because we dont have many people to teach right now, but i think some things will start happening. some of the members have told us tthat they have some friends that they want to give to us to teach. Thats always a great thing to hear.

ya well thank you all for your love and your support, it means a lot and i really feel it everyday!

Until next week,

Elder Santore


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