BON NADAL!!! What a great christmas it was!! seeing my family and cristina was incredible!! I never knew how lucky i was to have such amazing people in my life!! I love you all so much!!! Thank you for being so happy and telling great stories!! I miss you!

This past week was weird because of Christmas obviously. We had a lot of eating visits which was just the greastest, but I felt like i was going to explode at some points. we ate dinner at a members on christmas eve and it was really neat, we had some spanish treats and fried chicken, it was the best haha. But the spirit of christmas was there as we talked about the birth of christ and how it was so important, i really liked that. And then christmas morning! it was a little different then other ones in the past haha, we got up opened some presents and then studied and left. Kinda strange but all good. We talked to some people in the streets and people were so confused like why are you young kids not with your families? It was kind of fun to go around contacting people on christmas haha, but then we went to a lunch with a member and then another small thing with Rodrigo and Felicia, which we didnt know was going to include food, so we had two meals right after eachother and only had 2 hours between getting to the Livingstons for a big turkey dinner! And once we got there we got to skype our families!! that was honestly the best thing, It made me so homesick, like crazy. But it was amazing.

ya and then we went home and went to bed and the next day was normal. Super weird haha. But it felt good and i really didnt feel like it was an awful experience, i mean i would not enjoy doing this for the rest of my life but its interesting to really just be away from things for a while, super trippy!

Other than that we tried to find some people but didnt have much luck, we are gonna keep trying tthis week because this mesage is something so good. I know if people had the time and desire to really want to know, they would read the book of mormon and come to church and just pray. All it takes is that little desire to know, and then to act and then the answers and blessings come. Ive seen that a lot.

I love you all, God loves you and he wants us just to be happy. so smile and enjoy the life he has given us.

Elder Santore


hello holiday lovers

Oh hello holiday lovers. I hope that you are doing well and that the spirit of christmas has become one with your souls. I know that here its been difficult because we have working harder and what not. but we had a ward dinner on friday and it was super fun and we the missionaries did a little lip sync to feliz navidad by micheal buble haha. it was super fun and after that night it started to feel a lot more like christmas. So i am super excited about that!!


Well other than taht we tried to find some new people to teach this week but we didnt have much luck and so we have just been sharing the christmas spirit singing with the ward choir and going caroling. Its super fun, but my voice hurts. and ya we have a bunch eating visits with members this week, super excited about that. Its going to be a great week and great Christmas, different others but i am so excited. I love the ward here so its going to be great.


I feel blessed to really celebrate christmas in a different way. There hasnt been a lot of other traditions just The birth of christ. Which is amazing, i have really felt a different feeling for teh season. I am so excited to be here and share a message of real happiness. Its unreal

I love you all!!!
BON NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con mucho Cariño
Elder Santore


almost christmas!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA!!!! 21!! wooo wooo UNCE UNCE!! Fiesta!!
Te amo Cariño!!


well, it has been a good week of work, we tried really hard to get as many lessons as possible and we doubled our last weeks numbers. Super good. That felt really nice, and we found a bunch of new people to teach. I am really excited about that, because that is something that has always been hard to complete.

We found an African from ghana and he is great, speaks anglish and spanish and said he would love to learn more and be baptized if he founds this to be true. It was great, but he has been hard to get a hold of and didnt come to church but we are gonna try and meet with him a lot this week. Should go well.

I love you all!!! God is real! He loves us, there is proof all around. I love that knowledge and i enjoy sharing it with people. There is more to life and for taht im grateful and thats why i am here. There is no need not to be happy everyday because our plan that god has given us to be happy and with our families forever, not only until death do us part. its real, and to find out all we have to do is believe a tiny bit, pray and read and really think about the things we have prayed and read about. Answers come when we are willing to act upon them. Thats the most important part. Read the book of mormon read the bible, focus on the peace that fills your soul and then ask god in the name of his son Jesus Christ if its true. Thats the best christmas present you can receive and give. He is listening and waiting to answer, we just need to ask.

Thank you all, I feel blessed to have so much support from friends and family!! I love you all so much!

con mucho cariño,

Elder “Guapísimo” Santore

Elder “Guapísimo” Santore

Well hello there,

First off happy holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRISTINA THIS WEEEKK!!! it will be so fun cariño and i know that you will be a great 21 year old haha. party all night UNCE UNCE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

This was a great week, we didnt have much things going on, so made a huge amount of calls trying to set up for this week. but good news is we found 5 new investigators last night just contacting around. two bolivians, an argentian and two more romanians. things are getting back up there, and we have a goal of 3 baptisms this month, but dont have anyone yet, so we are gonna go super hard this week because its really the last week to be able to prepare news to be baptized this month.

we had zone conference yesterday, and for that we ahve preparation day today, pretty good stuff. Conference is always teh best and they had a member come in and make us this huge paella!! it was so good, it was on this huge pan and fed nearly 50 people, i got some seconds as well. super tasty, i think paella may be my favorite food ever.

But ya, im doing super good, Cesar is giving a talk this sunday on baptism and we helped him a little yesterday with that, he is a machine, he already had all these scriptures down and waht not ready to go. He really didnt need any help, but we were just there to bask in his knowledge haha. It was great, he is doing so good, he comes out with us to visits all the time, super great.

I love you all, and remember why we celebrate christmas!! I feeel very blessed to be here. I have to work on so many things but i am trying really hard to be the best missioanry i can be. My spanish has been blessed like no other. during lessons i can speak so much better and words just flow out. its unreal. I love it here, i hate it sometimes because its super hard and i miss home, but the feelings that come after a great lesson or after an amazing experience like baptism make those sucky boring and hard times seem like nothing. Im grateful for that knowledge. thank you for all your support and love. I am so blessed to have such a loving family and friend group. I love you


Elder “Guapísimo” Santore


Good week this week, we did all a lot of things
we have four in the piso now and its super fun. We just chill out all the time. i like having more people around. its way more fun. also i like my new companion a lot. He is from utah and just super chill and laid back but really loves talking to people and has no fear about his spanish. we both struggle wiht the language but he is just a boss going for it. he just finished his training which is super good because he just wants to work. Somtiems we get in little problems with the language in lessons but over all it has just made us try and rely on God more, which never is a bad thing haha.

Also we had thanksigivin at the Bishops house, he served his mission in utah so he had the american missionaries over for dinner and the livingstons tambien. it was super good, but different than the other thanksgiving dinners in the past. I loved it though, it was nice being around a fun family and eating turkey.

We are trying to really just find new people to teach because we havent had many news recently, but we are doing ok. We found two bolivians who seem super nice and have had two lessons with them as well. Super good. they just didnt come to church which is really needed to feel teh spirit and what not. its all good though.

well im trying to really work hard and stay focused, its a little easier because my companion relys on my spanish a lot now, which is a good thing so i will work but a bad thing because my spanish isnt good enough to be relied on. we shall see how this transfer works out, i think we both are gonna grow a lot. lets hope

thank you all, i love you

be thankful for life and the love that we all have for people. I am so grateful for this gospel and the happiness that i have in my life.

elder Santore


Super good week!! we had a baptism!!!! Cesar is the man!! just totally went through and was so stoked!! It was a great night, everyone was so happy and it was just chill and we all just felt so good! He even sung in the choir after his baptism, he is so great, he will be a real help for the ward.


Also some big news, Elder MArques got transfered up to barcelona area, and I am staying here and getting three new missionaries! Elder Puri, from mtc with me, elder segi (spaniard) and elder johnson my new companion. I think he just finished his training so this will be really interesting. I am pretty nervous to show three people the area, its gonna be kinda hectic because we have to split the area now. But i am stoked to ahve a 4 man piso, thats gonna be so fun.


also happy tahnksgiving! i thought it was last week fro some reason so i was getting a homesick on thursday, but turns out i was wrong haha. But good news is my new companion is from the US so I will be able to hang out with him. I am not really sure what we will do, probably just teach people haha, they dont celebrate it here so there isnt anything going on. kind of a bummer haha, but no worries.

I think this transfer i am gonna really need to work hard which is super good but lame also. I am glad i am staying though, i love this ward, the people are so nice and i feel like we have gotten a long really well. Thanks fro all your support and love! Dont forget to pray, its so crucial.


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