Super good week!! we had a baptism!!!! Cesar is the man!! just totally went through and was so stoked!! It was a great night, everyone was so happy and it was just chill and we all just felt so good! He even sung in the choir after his baptism, he is so great, he will be a real help for the ward.


Also some big news, Elder MArques got transfered up to barcelona area, and I am staying here and getting three new missionaries! Elder Puri, from mtc with me, elder segi (spaniard) and elder johnson my new companion. I think he just finished his training so this will be really interesting. I am pretty nervous to show three people the area, its gonna be kinda hectic because we have to split the area now. But i am stoked to ahve a 4 man piso, thats gonna be so fun.


also happy tahnksgiving! i thought it was last week fro some reason so i was getting a homesick on thursday, but turns out i was wrong haha. But good news is my new companion is from the US so I will be able to hang out with him. I am not really sure what we will do, probably just teach people haha, they dont celebrate it here so there isnt anything going on. kind of a bummer haha, but no worries.

I think this transfer i am gonna really need to work hard which is super good but lame also. I am glad i am staying though, i love this ward, the people are so nice and i feel like we have gotten a long really well. Thanks fro all your support and love! Dont forget to pray, its so crucial.


IMG_0328 (1)


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