Good week this week, we did all a lot of things
we have four in the piso now and its super fun. We just chill out all the time. i like having more people around. its way more fun. also i like my new companion a lot. He is from utah and just super chill and laid back but really loves talking to people and has no fear about his spanish. we both struggle wiht the language but he is just a boss going for it. he just finished his training which is super good because he just wants to work. Somtiems we get in little problems with the language in lessons but over all it has just made us try and rely on God more, which never is a bad thing haha.

Also we had thanksigivin at the Bishops house, he served his mission in utah so he had the american missionaries over for dinner and the livingstons tambien. it was super good, but different than the other thanksgiving dinners in the past. I loved it though, it was nice being around a fun family and eating turkey.

We are trying to really just find new people to teach because we havent had many news recently, but we are doing ok. We found two bolivians who seem super nice and have had two lessons with them as well. Super good. they just didnt come to church which is really needed to feel teh spirit and what not. its all good though.

well im trying to really work hard and stay focused, its a little easier because my companion relys on my spanish a lot now, which is a good thing so i will work but a bad thing because my spanish isnt good enough to be relied on. we shall see how this transfer works out, i think we both are gonna grow a lot. lets hope

thank you all, i love you

be thankful for life and the love that we all have for people. I am so grateful for this gospel and the happiness that i have in my life.

elder Santore


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