Elder “Guapísimo” Santore

Well hello there,

First off happy holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CRISTINA THIS WEEEKK!!! it will be so fun cariño and i know that you will be a great 21 year old haha. party all night UNCE UNCE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

This was a great week, we didnt have much things going on, so made a huge amount of calls trying to set up for this week. but good news is we found 5 new investigators last night just contacting around. two bolivians, an argentian and two more romanians. things are getting back up there, and we have a goal of 3 baptisms this month, but dont have anyone yet, so we are gonna go super hard this week because its really the last week to be able to prepare news to be baptized this month.

we had zone conference yesterday, and for that we ahve preparation day today, pretty good stuff. Conference is always teh best and they had a member come in and make us this huge paella!! it was so good, it was on this huge pan and fed nearly 50 people, i got some seconds as well. super tasty, i think paella may be my favorite food ever.

But ya, im doing super good, Cesar is giving a talk this sunday on baptism and we helped him a little yesterday with that, he is a machine, he already had all these scriptures down and waht not ready to go. He really didnt need any help, but we were just there to bask in his knowledge haha. It was great, he is doing so good, he comes out with us to visits all the time, super great.

I love you all, and remember why we celebrate christmas!! I feeel very blessed to be here. I have to work on so many things but i am trying really hard to be the best missioanry i can be. My spanish has been blessed like no other. during lessons i can speak so much better and words just flow out. its unreal. I love it here, i hate it sometimes because its super hard and i miss home, but the feelings that come after a great lesson or after an amazing experience like baptism make those sucky boring and hard times seem like nothing. Im grateful for that knowledge. thank you for all your support and love. I am so blessed to have such a loving family and friend group. I love you


Elder “Guapísimo” Santore


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