almost christmas!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA!!!! 21!! wooo wooo UNCE UNCE!! Fiesta!!
Te amo Cariño!!


well, it has been a good week of work, we tried really hard to get as many lessons as possible and we doubled our last weeks numbers. Super good. That felt really nice, and we found a bunch of new people to teach. I am really excited about that, because that is something that has always been hard to complete.

We found an African from ghana and he is great, speaks anglish and spanish and said he would love to learn more and be baptized if he founds this to be true. It was great, but he has been hard to get a hold of and didnt come to church but we are gonna try and meet with him a lot this week. Should go well.

I love you all!!! God is real! He loves us, there is proof all around. I love that knowledge and i enjoy sharing it with people. There is more to life and for taht im grateful and thats why i am here. There is no need not to be happy everyday because our plan that god has given us to be happy and with our families forever, not only until death do us part. its real, and to find out all we have to do is believe a tiny bit, pray and read and really think about the things we have prayed and read about. Answers come when we are willing to act upon them. Thats the most important part. Read the book of mormon read the bible, focus on the peace that fills your soul and then ask god in the name of his son Jesus Christ if its true. Thats the best christmas present you can receive and give. He is listening and waiting to answer, we just need to ask.

Thank you all, I feel blessed to have so much support from friends and family!! I love you all so much!

con mucho cariño,

Elder “Guapísimo” Santore


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