hello holiday lovers

Oh hello holiday lovers. I hope that you are doing well and that the spirit of christmas has become one with your souls. I know that here its been difficult because we have working harder and what not. but we had a ward dinner on friday and it was super fun and we the missionaries did a little lip sync to feliz navidad by micheal buble haha. it was super fun and after that night it started to feel a lot more like christmas. So i am super excited about that!!


Well other than taht we tried to find some new people to teach this week but we didnt have much luck and so we have just been sharing the christmas spirit singing with the ward choir and going caroling. Its super fun, but my voice hurts. and ya we have a bunch eating visits with members this week, super excited about that. Its going to be a great week and great Christmas, different others but i am so excited. I love the ward here so its going to be great.


I feel blessed to really celebrate christmas in a different way. There hasnt been a lot of other traditions just The birth of christ. Which is amazing, i have really felt a different feeling for teh season. I am so excited to be here and share a message of real happiness. Its unreal

I love you all!!!
BON NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con mucho Cariño
Elder Santore



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