BON NADAL!!! What a great christmas it was!! seeing my family and cristina was incredible!! I never knew how lucky i was to have such amazing people in my life!! I love you all so much!!! Thank you for being so happy and telling great stories!! I miss you!

This past week was weird because of Christmas obviously. We had a lot of eating visits which was just the greastest, but I felt like i was going to explode at some points. we ate dinner at a members on christmas eve and it was really neat, we had some spanish treats and fried chicken, it was the best haha. But the spirit of christmas was there as we talked about the birth of christ and how it was so important, i really liked that. And then christmas morning! it was a little different then other ones in the past haha, we got up opened some presents and then studied and left. Kinda strange but all good. We talked to some people in the streets and people were so confused like why are you young kids not with your families? It was kind of fun to go around contacting people on christmas haha, but then we went to a lunch with a member and then another small thing with Rodrigo and Felicia, which we didnt know was going to include food, so we had two meals right after eachother and only had 2 hours between getting to the Livingstons for a big turkey dinner! And once we got there we got to skype our families!! that was honestly the best thing, It made me so homesick, like crazy. But it was amazing.

ya and then we went home and went to bed and the next day was normal. Super weird haha. But it felt good and i really didnt feel like it was an awful experience, i mean i would not enjoy doing this for the rest of my life but its interesting to really just be away from things for a while, super trippy!

Other than that we tried to find some people but didnt have much luck, we are gonna keep trying tthis week because this mesage is something so good. I know if people had the time and desire to really want to know, they would read the book of mormon and come to church and just pray. All it takes is that little desire to know, and then to act and then the answers and blessings come. Ive seen that a lot.

I love you all, God loves you and he wants us just to be happy. so smile and enjoy the life he has given us.

Elder Santore


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