scary doll house

Hello once again, beloved family and friends. This past week we had some good things happen. We were out contacting a lot of the week, just talking to people and trying to meet them some other time. Well with that, we received a lot of phone numbers and have some good visits set up this coming week. I know that at least a few of them will feel the special spirit taht comes with this message and want to learn more. Something that I have laerned is that it is really up to them. Because they can feel the love that God has for them as we teach but if they dont ask him and dont read and dont really ahve those desires to know if he is there, they will never know. So before i would get frustrated with people for not praying or reading but now i just try and show them the love that i have for them and explain how important and essential those little things are.

I love the ward here. They are all amazing. so much fun and just the best people, and they always feed us! lately we have been having like food everyday. Its amazing haha.

some funny things is that we were all talking about scary stories in our piso because Elder Seguí has a ton of good ones, so we were doing that a lot of the week and at the end of the week we went to help a member move some things out of her parents old home. It was this super old spanish home and it probably wasnt loved in for 15 years or more. Super old, super run down. well we walked in and there were just a bunch of dolls everywhere and old farm tools and stuff haaha, we were all freaked out. But ya that was fun, nothing happened we were just scared, we were walking around with a candle in the top levels looking for things and waht not, super crazy.

Im doing good here, i love the ward the place and the piso. It is just a good place to be. Ill probably be leaving in a few weeks though because i havc ebeen here forever. But it has been so fun. Cesar is the best, he is always at the activities and just fits in well with everyone. Im so grateful i was able to meet him and teach him a little about the gospel. Such a blessing.

I love you all and thank you all for your love and your smiles. Be happy and smile, life is hard and super annoying sometimes, but there is so much more to it than we know. I learn so much everyday and I just hope that i can keep doing that. Its a good life we have

Love you all,
Elder Santore


Hello there!

hello there people of home!

Thank you for the letters!! I received a letter from Sister Cummings! thank you so much!!
And sister reinhart as well!! Thats a great idea, although i just got it, would you still like me to give it the primary? because its after christmas and all? sorry about that
Sister bertha, your quotes and letters are so nice and i can always count on getting a letter from you so tthankk you so much!!

This week was great like the other ones as well. We had a lot of visits and found some new people to teach. Some great things that happened was the other elders had a baptism on saturday. His anme is juan and he is 19, he is super great and just feels so much happier now. Its pretty crazy, he and his friend were baptized within the month and are now working on their friends as well. Its just a great thing.

We had some good things happen as well on sunday. We had planned for some of our investigators to come to church but the ones that we planned on didnt show so we were pretty bummed but then others came that we thought would never come! So that was increible, i was just amazed seeing them walk in.

Some sad and happy news is that the family that we found about two weeks ago actually dont live in our ward or area. So we had to give them to the town above ours. It was a bummer becuse we had already taught them the main points and they had come to our church but its good because the other town is easier to get to and costs less gas. Anyway they are being baptized 8th of february which is just so great, just wish that we could have seen it all the way through haha, but we are so happy that they are continuing on and accepting commitments. I love that.

Anyway its been a good week, and i am super excited for the things to come. I have been studying way harder with the language and justing trying my hardest to get better. Before i thought it would it just come with listneing and trying to speak so my language study consisted of just watching church movies in spanish, but now after actually trying to study and do activities in my textbook i am seeing a big change. I hate hard work but i love the things that come after it haha, hoopefully ill start to love the work just as much as the blessings that come after. that would be nice.

WEll thank you for listening. And thank you for all your love and support, it really means a lot. I pray for you all and hope you all are doing well. Have a great week!

Your friend,
Elder Santore

milagros still happen!!!

Milagros still happen!!!! So good!! this week was great. We were given a reference from a little town 40 minutes away, but still in our area. We drove out there witjh the livingstons and had a great lesson with a little family. the dad is from peru and the mom from spain. They were realyl excited to learn more because their friend is a member from los angeles and told them to look us up! sharing the gospel with your friends works! well we are teaching them now and they came to church yesterdayy! they want to learn all they can and have been reading the book of mormon as a family! its crazy! Just a little mircale story that will become an even bigger one as they keep learning more!


BEcause of that story this week has been really good and we have seen a lot of other little miracles! we met this other man named Javier from colombia and he is super ready to listen. He kept asking about prophets and why babies need to be baptized if they dont have sins and we were just like Javier we love you! haha we are gonna have more lessons with him because he found the first one with jose smith super interesting and true! so great!!

so ya, this week has been good, we had bad things happen to like always but we were trying to jsut stay focused and keep moving forward and try to be happy during all the days. and then all these good things started to happen!! i feel happy, sometimes i dont, but i just tell myself that this is the time to be happy and i put a smile on my face and talk to people. Hhaha, someitmes it works. But we have a choice to be happy. why not just do it rather than feel abd about ourselves and linger in sadnesss, because that sucks.

Well i love you all, i know taht God lives and that he loves us. I dont know why i am this lucky and blessed but i try and show my tahnkfulness through obedience and hard work. I know that when we really pray with a sincere heart, we can be given answers. I love that. thank you for all your love and support

Hasta la semana que viene,
Elder Santore







New Years

Happy new years everyone!!!!! I love you all!!!
first off thank you for the letters that i have received this week!!!!
Brother Travers, Holmes family, Toolson Family, and sister Bertha always!!
I love you so much and i really appreciate the love and support.
Also some people that have sent me letters that i forgot to mention! Maddie roberts and Sydney crowe and Jessie vahalla! Thank you guys so much!! you are the greatest and Im working on getting some out to you as well. I suck at that. But im working on it!

auntie Suzanne and Uncle Peter i got your package!!!! Thank you so much!!!! it was so perfect!!! Peanut butter!!! UNCE UNCE!!!! I love you both so much, it was a great package with things i really needed haha, i was about to start wearing dirty socks! but then i got the new ones! oh and i washed my dirty ones as well!

well this week was great, we had transfers and found out that we are all staying in gandia! good news, so ill be here for another 6 weeks, and then most likely leave, but im excited, the ward here is amazing so im happy. This past week we spent new years with benjamin and his wife, members that we have become really close with. It was fun we had a lot of great food and got home around 11 because we still needed to be in home on time. But it was all good, we moved all our beds into the living room and listened to the fireworks and crazy people at midnight and we had some non alcholic champagne and it was great haha. Being obedient while partying haha. It was super fun.

This past week we challenged Roxanna the daughter to rodrigo and felicia to baptism and she accepted for the 18th of january. We have a lot to teach her still but if she has the desires then it will come fast and easy. And Rodrigo and Felicia have plans to get married to be baptized and thats incredible. Im looking forward to that happening. Also we have fuond some otehr people that we are teaching through members. Super good, we think we are going to see a lot of good things here in gandia this transfer. I love you all and hope you know that!

IM learning a lot here and finding more about myself cada dia. Its crazy, the lessons that i just listen and let God work through me have been happening a lot more. Its such a good feeling. I love taht.

I hope you all are having a great new year start and see you all next year!! haha crazy!!!

Love your favorite,

Elder Santore