milagros still happen!!!

Milagros still happen!!!! So good!! this week was great. We were given a reference from a little town 40 minutes away, but still in our area. We drove out there witjh the livingstons and had a great lesson with a little family. the dad is from peru and the mom from spain. They were realyl excited to learn more because their friend is a member from los angeles and told them to look us up! sharing the gospel with your friends works! well we are teaching them now and they came to church yesterdayy! they want to learn all they can and have been reading the book of mormon as a family! its crazy! Just a little mircale story that will become an even bigger one as they keep learning more!


BEcause of that story this week has been really good and we have seen a lot of other little miracles! we met this other man named Javier from colombia and he is super ready to listen. He kept asking about prophets and why babies need to be baptized if they dont have sins and we were just like Javier we love you! haha we are gonna have more lessons with him because he found the first one with jose smith super interesting and true! so great!!

so ya, this week has been good, we had bad things happen to like always but we were trying to jsut stay focused and keep moving forward and try to be happy during all the days. and then all these good things started to happen!! i feel happy, sometimes i dont, but i just tell myself that this is the time to be happy and i put a smile on my face and talk to people. Hhaha, someitmes it works. But we have a choice to be happy. why not just do it rather than feel abd about ourselves and linger in sadnesss, because that sucks.

Well i love you all, i know taht God lives and that he loves us. I dont know why i am this lucky and blessed but i try and show my tahnkfulness through obedience and hard work. I know that when we really pray with a sincere heart, we can be given answers. I love that. thank you for all your love and support

Hasta la semana que viene,
Elder Santore








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