thank you for birthday wishes!!

Thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes!! I feel so loved and I am so grateful for all of you!! MY first birthday in the mission, super weird but feels good. I am happy to be with a great ward and fun missionaries as well. And its preparation day so I can just chill a little haha. That makes it even better, because i know if it was a regular day i would be les effective haha, but no worries. Just know that i am grateful for all the love and support that i feel everyday and I love you all so much. I will try to write back a short message to all, but forgive me because i really dont have a ton of time and my typing skills are awful.

This past week was good, good news is that the family we were teaching for a little but ended up not being in our area is getting baptized this weekend! This saturday we will travel up to a city north of us to see them baptized. Feels good, even though we didnt get to finish teaching them, we get to see them baptized which is such a blessing.

We also have some great potential people that we are trying to work with. I love the work, even though sometimes its hard. I love just ebing able to tell people you can know these things are true by prayer and by your work. Really, its not something i or any missionary can convince, its something that we share and show them how they can know and if they do it, they feel it, but if they dont put forth the efforts and work, they wont see the results they want. I love that. We all can know, we just need to humble ourselves and keep asking.

I love you all so much, we are struggling to find people to baptize but i know that God is just waiting to give us people who are so ready. I know that he loves us and that he really wants us to be happy. Life is hard and we have problems everyday, but if we can try understand that maybe we just dont understand it all, thats when miracles are noticed and when we can really see the hand of God in our lives. I know thats true. I love you all, and if there is anything i want for my birthday its for people all over the world that i love and that i dont even know to feel the love the God their father in heaven has for them. Its real. Thank you for everything!!!

Elder Santore


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