Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes once again! I felt soo loved from all the wishes and great words. I received a lot of good advice and great haert warming stories and wow i loved it all. thank you so much. Something that i have learned as i have reached the old age of 21 is if you tell people its your birthday in different groups you get more than one party and cake! UNCE UNCE! I was so blessed this past week. there is a great family from ecuador here and we love them so much we go over there like twice a week and they had us over for my birthday and we had a little family home eveneing and then they brought out this cake for me and christopher the guy who just got baptized who is from san diego. His birthday is a day before mine! So that was super fun, and then they smashed our faces in it, it was all good though because the cake tasted really good.

this past week work wise was really good as well. We had a two day conference with all the missionaries down here in valencia and with President and his wife as well. It was so good, we always learn a ton at those things. And its fun because elder Shumway my trainer is the zone leader so we get to see eachother and have a good time. But ya other than that this week has been like the others. Good news is that we have a baptismal fecha with a woman named jennifer! she is from nigeria! She came to church yesterday and loved it and we will visit with her more this week. Sad thing is i will most likely be leaving gandia next week because we have tranfers and i have had 6 months here. Pretty crazy how fast the time goes by. But i love it.

Well thank you all so much for all the you do and say to me. It really means a lot and I love you all so much for that!! I hope you all have the greatest week and just smile and what not. Its a good thing to smile

I love you all
Elder Santore




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