Well i got transfered to logroño!! Its up in the norther part of spain. Im pretty excited! I got here yesterday after like 10 hours of traveling by train. It was a long day haha. BUt the ward here seems super great and I am with a missionary from laguna beach haha, his name is elder Westfall. So thats really good.

Saying goodbye to gandia was so rough. I loved all of them so much. Me and elder segui left and elder and puri and elder johnson stayed. the last few days were filled with eating visits with our favorites and saying hasta luego to everyone. It was super sad, and i was pretty bummed to leave and it was a bummer coming here yesterday and just knowing all the ward already. Because there in gandia we were like family and i love so much, but i gotta remember that that didnt happen over night, but i was there for 6 months, so im hoping that that happens here, because i hear great things of this ward and the work here looks like its really getting goiing. Im excited, and plus elder segui is in my zone so i get to see him every once in a while.

But here in my new piso, we have 4 elders. elder sorenson from utah, and his companion elder caetano who is from angolia!! he has lived here in spain for a while though and used to be a professional futbol player but gave it up to come on a mission! Super crazy!! HE seems super fun and elder sorenson i knew from valencia and he is a super nice and mellow kid.
We also have girl missionaries here, hermana foncubierta who is from southern spain and hermana floisand from utah who is actually from my group! So we have a pretty great little district and im pretty excited to see some good things go down. Change is always a weird thing but im excited which is a good sign.

Here are come pics from gandia, saying goodbye and valentines day hahah super random big panda thing.







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