First week in Logrono

So the first week here was interesting. We have a lot of work which is so good!! That makes me really happy. we working some families from brazil that have some kids as members. pretty much, they love the church and we just need to keep visiting with them little by little because i feel so good when we are with them and elder westfall my companion has said that they ahve changed a lot. So that is just a huge sign that they are ready to act and join the church and really feel the love that comes with it.

logroño is nice, but its cold haha!! my companion is great, from california. HE speaks spanish pretty well and so we teach nicely together. Also elder caetano is from africa and is super funny and just crazy! he speaks no english and just says the most random things. Elder Sorenson is the best, he is utah kid but just is super laid back and the best. I love him haha. some of the ward members are crazy. just super locos but they all seem really nice. Like half of the ward speaks enlgish! super wierd. we have a the first counselor to the bishop living above us in our building and he is from africa as well but speaks like 4 languages. Super nuts. He is super funny and we are always with him in visits and doing otehr things like fhe in his house with young single members.

so pretty muc the people here are great, and we are going to see a lot of miracles! Im super stoked for it! I love it. The work in whichever city is different but its the same ya know? i dunno pretty weird.

thank you for the love and the support. I love you all so much and hope you are doing well!!!

with much love and cariño

Elder Santore


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