He received his package!

First off I recevied the package from Cristina!!! yeeee!!!!!! all the pictures of everyone was incredible!!! thank you so much everyone!! my companion and other missionaries were just like whoa you are so lucky!! I am just so blessed to have such great friends and great family!! So thank you so much Cristina for doing that, that was so great, i felt so loved and just happy. So thank you, i love you so much.

so great things have happened this week that have made pretty excited. We will be having a baptism this week! his name is samuel. He is from brazil and is 14 years old. His older sister got baptized a few weeks ago and we are teaching their other family as well. But we are just so excited because we just asked the kid when would he like to get baptized and he was just like, well what is the date for next week! Boom bautismo. He is such a boss, just loves reading the scriptures and praying as a family! its crazy because the dad used to not beleive in anything but now he is the one praying with the family and they are doing family home evenings and in fact we are going over tonight to have a family home evening with them! We are just so excited, they are a really nice family and we have really been able to see how the gospel just blesses families. Because we can do all these things and try and baptize people but unless they feel it, they wont understand why its so great. Thats why we are so excited about samuel, because he is so pumped to be baptized, its not something that we were forcing him to do, its something that he just wants in his life. I love that. I wish i was like that when i was 14 haha.

Ya so we have that going on, and I was in vitoria this past week on intercambios, and man that city is so pretty. I was just blown away with all the parks and the beautiful parts and what not. We got to walk around a lot and i was just so impressed. I have been able to see such a diverse spain, catalunya, valencia, and now the northern part of spain, and alhtough its a little colder up here, the beauty is just a litttle better for me haha.

I love it here, im so blessed. I think its funny that everyone thinks im mexican still, and even though i was hoping not to speak spanish on my mission for that reason, i cant imagine being anywhere, its insane. This place is just so special. the spanish people, and the otehr millions of different people here.

the work is growing and the people are accepting. Its not about getting numbers or getting baptisms. Its about hellping people see that we have a plan and we have a father in heaven who loves us. Everytime i pray i think how crazy it is that i can talk to him, but not only that, he listens and answers. He loves us, we are so small and nothing yet for those minutes when im teaching about his love or when im praying i feel something. For those moments i know im not nothing, i know i matter, and that everyone else does as well. It brings me an amount of joy that cant really be described. I just cant wait until everyone can feel that.

I love you all! take care and remember that i love you and am praying for you! you are all the greatest! smile

Elder Santore


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