well this week we had a baptism!! so good! Samuel is the man!! he is the best, and just wants to learn all he can about everything!! He is just such a boss! I love the kid. It was a great baptism and his family came and we are teaching his parents they come to church all the time and we are gonna see great things happen with them because they love the church and the happiness that they are feeling. its so great.

also i gave a talk yesterday in sacrement meeting. I still hate giving talks but now i think i will like doing them in english when i get home. But it went well and it was on missionary work so it was perfect and i got to just talk about how happpy the gospel makes us and how its something that people love to hear, we just need to find how to bring it up naturally.

Also we found a new person from cuba, his name is william and he is great. We gave him in the book of mormon and he has been reading all day and loves it. He is just trying to follow God and didnt really know where to go and we contacted him in the street and now he is coming to church and accepted a date to be baptized! he is so good, we are really excited!!

also we get to go to bilbao tomorrow to hear from elder kearon a member of the seventy! im so stoked, we get to stay in a hotel as well, so its like a win win haha. and i hear bilbao is really pretty so im excited about that as well haha-

well thats my week!! it was good and there are a lot of good things coming up. Read the book of mormon people, think about it and then pray to see if its true. you get an answer! I promise!

i love you all and i am so grateful to have you all as friends and family, like for real. thanks for the love and the support.

I found a quote i love “Our life isnt to find ourselves. Our life is to create ourselves.” boom, so true, we choose what we want to become, i love that.

Love you all,
Elder Santore


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