more bautismo!!

hey everyone hows it going. Its going good here in Lorgoño. Im liking it a lot and this week we are going to have another baptism which is so great!! We are super excited! Its samuels step dad, miracle is two months ago he didnt beleive in god and now he is being baptized. And he asked us if he could, it wasnt even like will you get baptized it was like i wanna get baptized: its amazing, what happened was, he startted to reading the scriptures and he started praying and after a few weeks he felt a difference in church and he felt a difference in his family with the happiness that they were feeling. Now he knows that god is there and taht he loves us and answers our prayers when we are listening and trying to be better. I love that, he loves us and just wants us to be happy, and he has the perfect way, all people need to do is try it out and see if its true. Its amazing. because it works

This past week we met with william almost everyday as well, he is getting baptized in two weeks and when we talked about smoking, he was just like ya i need to stop and now i will and boom, he hasnt smoked since. He has talked to us about how hard it is but he just prays and reads the book of mormon when he feels tempted to smoke, its so amazing, he is such a miracle. Such a great guy!

Other than that, we had an amzing time in bilbao and Elder Kearon gave us some amazing advice and counsel that we are for sure going to start using!! he isthe man, and we just had a great experience there!

I love you and am doing great and appreacite all the love and support! thank you foreverything!! I love oyu all!


con mucho cariño,
Elder Santore


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