What a good week, we had asiers baptism and it was great. All the missionaries sang nearer my god to thee and he started crying but he tried not to show it. He is a tough guy and always trys to shove off those feelings but he is the man. He received the preisthood and is just so excited to go to the temple this week!!! boom!! check mate satan

Ya so its been a great week, we have transfers coming up this week and we think elder westfall is leaving, my companion and maybe hermana foncubierta becausew they have both been here for the same time. But who knows. We also have William getting baptized this week! he is such a stud! Just wants to really follow teh Savior and has read almost 200 pages from teh Book of Mormon in only two weeks! he is a champ. We are really excited about that.

Its been a great week and we have really seen miracles. Asier for example two months ago didnt believe in God, but once his family strated to pray as a family and once he started to really wonder and think and then do little things like pray and read, he was able to feel those little promptings and really able to grow his faith little by little, and now he is a baptized member and preisthood holder going to the temple this saturday with two of his kids. And we know that their experence will be great, because the little 6 year old is going as well, and the mom Patricia who are teaching still. The spirit and love at the temple and with their marriage will just contintue to grow and soon she will want to be apart of it just like the rest of her family! Im excited to see that happen.

There is such a happiness out there, we just need to listen to our hearts and pray to the one who knows all and knows us personally. I love that. Im happy. I know my purpose and i know how to be happy. its not always easy, but why would i choose to do things that make me unhappy? being happy will always be the better choice, and now i know excatly how to do that. Its as easy as read the scriptures with a desire to learn more, pray with the faith that your prayers wil be answered, go to church and obey the commandments. Obey them, because they are there to make us happy, and they do just that. They dont restrict us, they give us the freedom to be happy, and not just a happiness that lasts a few hours or even years, but a happiness that can last forever. Why wouldnt we want taht? I love you all and i know these things are true. I know it. I still have teh doubts every day but the little things that happen to me when i pray or when i read throw those doubts away. That perfect love is just all around me all the time and I cant deny that, i cant live without it. I need it, and i love it.

thank you for your support and oyur love, I miss you all and love you more

Your friend,
Elder Santore


these fotos are of some half brazilian half spanish kids that we love and love wearing our chapas. they are the greatest, they play missionary at home and act like they are talking to people on the street about the church ahaha its the best.
oh and thats elder caetano and asier haha, i love that foto

DSCF0135 (1)

DSCF1035 (1)


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