Almost one year!

Well this week will be my one year mark. thats super crazy, i never thought this day would come but now it feels like it came so fast. I dunno, its just a really trippy thing. I feel like i need to be a better a misisonary at this point, it was always this far away point. Like, ok at my year mark i will be this type of misisonary, but now that its here, i dont really know if i am. I hope so, that would be good.

Well this week was great and hard and we saw some good miracles. Me met a kid eric who is from nigeria, and came to church once before, with a member. We have been teaching him and he has a baptismal fecha for the 10th of may! so we are super stoked. He only speaks english, so during church i help translate for him and elder vickery is super excited because he can really express himself the way he would want to during lessons more. its a huge miracle and blessing.

So we are excited about that, and other things are i didnt have to go to court in barcelona, which is a bummer, i was looking forward to that haha, but its all good because the day i was going to go we found eric, kinda weird. Everything happens for a reason.

William the cuban that joined the church a few weeks ago has been coming out with us a lot, and he just testifies so hard of the Book of Mormon, he has only been a member for a 3 weeks or so and he has read to helaman. He is crazy!! I love that guy. and we are still trying to meet with our other investigators but its been a hard thing because they work a lot. But when we do get the little visits in, its amazing. We hoping to really be able to meet with a lot of people this week.

Well thats it, the mission is going great, and i find myself very happy. Not all the time, because that would be unreal but a real happiness comes with this knowledge and i feel it everyday, i feel it entering in to the lives of others and with that i really it more. I really enjoy being able to spread good news and happiness.

I love you all and urge you to learn more and more everyday. Im reading the new testament and i am just learning so much about the Savior, how bold he is and how much love he has for everyone. He is a pretty great person, just gonna throw that out there, i love him.

Well thank you for the support and the love and all the great things that you do for me. Keep the prayers coming!! i feel them and i am so grateful for them. I love you all so much and i pray for you all everyday!

Elder Santore



Well this week was well, Easter was great. We didnt do anything really too special. Elder Vickery had some egg painting supplies so we painted eggs in the chapel with some ward members so that was fun and I liked it, it made me remember of the good old days back home. But other than that we just had normal visits and talked a lot about the real meaning of easter and the church came out with this great video! we showed it everytime we were at someones house and everyone just loves it. I think it is done just so well and it brings the spirit so strong.

this is the video, many of oyu have probably seen it but its the best.

So we did that and we did a lot of walking. We dont have too much going on because the people taht we used to teach a lot, have become really busy and hard to meet with so we have to meet with them less which means we need to find new people to teach in the other time. So we have a list of all the people taht have received missionaries before and people that are members that dont come to church anymore and we have been passing by them and talking to people in the street. So we shall see how that goes, so far we havent had too much success but it always takes a while of good hard work to really see the good that comes out of it. I have really learned that here, i mean we can talk to everybody in our path for a week and no one will want anything. but then some crazy miracle will allow one of our investigators to meet with us more, or to really have a question answered and boom. So although walking around and talking to people doesnt always equal instant success, miracles come from the work we put in.

Oh this week im going to barcelona to go to court! hahaha im super excited, when i was there a few weeks ago someone tried to rob my bags when i was eating and an undercover cop caught him. and so now i have to go to court to testify or something that there were bags and jsut say what my story is which is really nothing, some cop came up to me and said are these your bags and i said yes and then he said well you were almost robbed, and i was like oh shoot and now im going to court. thats the life of spain i guess. But i always love going to barcelona, although it will suck not being in the our area for a day or 2. Wish me luck in the spanish court system. Im going to have a translator though!! im stoked, because i dont think i could understand all the fancy law terms in spanish.

Well i love easter and i love the feelings that come from easter. Miracles still exist. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he really died for us and took his life back, and because of him we will always have a second chance. I know that is true and it brings me an unmeasurable amount of happiness. I know that he loves us and that if we just try and learn of him and his love we will be blessed more than we can explain. I love him and am so grateful for him, ill never be able to thank him enough, but i can live happily using his atonement as much as possible to show my gratitude.

I love you all and thank you all for your support and your love. I know that life is so great and i am so excited to live and live and live. All thanks to him.

I love you,
Elde Santore

thats my desk, isnt it fun

DSCF1086 (1)

and thats parade that they do here for easter, super scary no?


great week, like every week has been

Well this past week was great, like every week has been i guess. We are working hard and really trying to find some new investigators because we dont have any for sure things coming up. We are trying to work with Asiers wife, but she has been working a lot. But they come to church as a family every sunday which is so good. That means she is doing little things to realy feel the love of the gospel and in a little she will just really want to know for sure how families can be together forver and then she will be ready and wanting to know more.

We also had interviews with the president Pace this past week, he is such a great man. I love him, everytime we are with him i just feel so much better. I love being able to just talk to him one on one as well. Its a pretty big blessing.

on saturday we went on an activity with the young people of the ward to this little lake thing by logroño, and it was super fun. we walked forever and saw some deer and donkeys hahaa, it was fun. below are some pictures of the good time.

it was a good week and super tranquilo which is always good. this week we hope to have more lessons and just talk to more people about how great life is and how happy we can really be. i love being a missionary, its just a happy thing.

I love you all and thank you so much for all that you have done for me!! I appreciate it all so much!!!

con mucho amor,
Elder “Guapísimo” Santore

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Short but sweet

so this is going to be pretty short. Williams baptism was so good and it was just filled with love and peace, it was a great day. Also, we found out that Elder Westfall was going to be leaving to a new area by barcelona. I am now training, which is really fun. Thats why i didnt write on tuesday, i was traveling to Barcelona to pick up my new companion and then we had a meeting on wednesday all the trainers and then we left in the afternoon, but the other thing is that we actually left thursday morning because logroño would have taken forever to get to from barcelona in the afternoon. So i arrived back in the area this morning, and it has been so good. We are excited, my companions name is elder Vickery, he is from St. George Utah, and just is a real geniune guy. Super nice and loves listening to music which is great, because i do too. So far its been great, he jsut wants to work and see good things happen so thats really good and we will for sure see things happen this transfer. IM excited.

it was pretty fun though being in barc for a few days. We got to walk around and work in the city. I would love to serve there, its so different than the other places ive been, way crazier. We got lost in the metro and were just walking around at night trying to figure out where were staying, it was a fun adventure. I enjoy spain for that, we could just walk around and didnt really need to worry about being in a dangerous area. interesting to me.

Well I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do. thank you for everything!
Elder Santore