Short but sweet

so this is going to be pretty short. Williams baptism was so good and it was just filled with love and peace, it was a great day. Also, we found out that Elder Westfall was going to be leaving to a new area by barcelona. I am now training, which is really fun. Thats why i didnt write on tuesday, i was traveling to Barcelona to pick up my new companion and then we had a meeting on wednesday all the trainers and then we left in the afternoon, but the other thing is that we actually left thursday morning because logroño would have taken forever to get to from barcelona in the afternoon. So i arrived back in the area this morning, and it has been so good. We are excited, my companions name is elder Vickery, he is from St. George Utah, and just is a real geniune guy. Super nice and loves listening to music which is great, because i do too. So far its been great, he jsut wants to work and see good things happen so thats really good and we will for sure see things happen this transfer. IM excited.

it was pretty fun though being in barc for a few days. We got to walk around and work in the city. I would love to serve there, its so different than the other places ive been, way crazier. We got lost in the metro and were just walking around at night trying to figure out where were staying, it was a fun adventure. I enjoy spain for that, we could just walk around and didnt really need to worry about being in a dangerous area. interesting to me.

Well I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do. thank you for everything!
Elder Santore


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