Almost one year!

Well this week will be my one year mark. thats super crazy, i never thought this day would come but now it feels like it came so fast. I dunno, its just a really trippy thing. I feel like i need to be a better a misisonary at this point, it was always this far away point. Like, ok at my year mark i will be this type of misisonary, but now that its here, i dont really know if i am. I hope so, that would be good.

Well this week was great and hard and we saw some good miracles. Me met a kid eric who is from nigeria, and came to church once before, with a member. We have been teaching him and he has a baptismal fecha for the 10th of may! so we are super stoked. He only speaks english, so during church i help translate for him and elder vickery is super excited because he can really express himself the way he would want to during lessons more. its a huge miracle and blessing.

So we are excited about that, and other things are i didnt have to go to court in barcelona, which is a bummer, i was looking forward to that haha, but its all good because the day i was going to go we found eric, kinda weird. Everything happens for a reason.

William the cuban that joined the church a few weeks ago has been coming out with us a lot, and he just testifies so hard of the Book of Mormon, he has only been a member for a 3 weeks or so and he has read to helaman. He is crazy!! I love that guy. and we are still trying to meet with our other investigators but its been a hard thing because they work a lot. But when we do get the little visits in, its amazing. We hoping to really be able to meet with a lot of people this week.

Well thats it, the mission is going great, and i find myself very happy. Not all the time, because that would be unreal but a real happiness comes with this knowledge and i feel it everyday, i feel it entering in to the lives of others and with that i really it more. I really enjoy being able to spread good news and happiness.

I love you all and urge you to learn more and more everyday. Im reading the new testament and i am just learning so much about the Savior, how bold he is and how much love he has for everyone. He is a pretty great person, just gonna throw that out there, i love him.

Well thank you for the support and the love and all the great things that you do for me. Keep the prayers coming!! i feel them and i am so grateful for them. I love you all so much and i pray for you all everyday!

Elder Santore


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