“What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

Well hello everybody again. This week we had some weird things go down. Elder Vickery was pretty sick and we had to stay in almost everyday. He palced his hand on some plastic thing in the street and had some sort of allergic reaction and his hand turned into a balloon, it was super funny. He was so confused and it hurt him a lot but i was even more confused because he literally just palced his hand on it and then was like waving his hand around like he was bit by a snake or something. After a few hours i understood because it was swollen pretty bad but before that I was so confused. We ended up going to the hospital beacuse it wasnt going down and he was feeling sick as well. So they gave him some pills and they told him he would be fine. But they were going to give him a shot in his butt and it would have been the best but h chickened out!! I was so bummed it was gonna the best thing ever. but i dont if i would want that either haha.

Lets see, I got a little sick as well but not as bad as elder Vickery. We met with Carlos and the family and they are doing great, this week we are going over as well and we will be talking a little more about baptism and how to really recognize answers. We are excited, beacuse we think that as we work with him little by little he be able to really recognize the spirit and the truth of this all.

Asiers family is doing great and we are visiting with them tonight, and those visits are always the best because they are super fun and spiritual because they just want to learn and keep moving forward and then we play games and eat amazing food, so ya they are the greastest, a very special family.

This week we have a lot of good things pplanned, we are going up to bilbao for a conference and then we are going to a mountain tomorrow with some members and its the highest point in the region, so im pretty stoked for that. I love doing little excursions and hikes, makes me feel normal again, but in a good way like i can still enjoy myself as a missionary.

Well thats that for this week I think. I think this week we we have a lot of good things going down, so ya. I love you all like always.

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

have a great week!!
Elder Santore


chika chika baaauuuutisssmo!

This week was great as well
We had another baptism for Eric! It wasso good. He came right on time and told us he didnt have a lot of time and that freaked us out but i think he though it would last all night or something, but we had a great service and he loved it. It was good to see him make the step and feel good about it.

We also have some new changes here in Lorgoño. Hermana mangelson came in place of Hermana Foncubierta and she is super great. From California and just works really hard, and then we have Elder Moreno from southern spain. He is so great, he was in my district in Gandia about 6-8 months ago, super weird. But he is super funny and we have a great piso again. We all just love to mess around which makes it super fun.

tonight we are meeting with Carlos and his family and we will be talking about how much love God has for us, because he is the only member of his family not baptized but he comes to church every sunday and all the activites. He just needs some extra support I think. He grew up catholic like everybody here so he has the problem of leaving something that was so prominent in his life for so long. But I think as he sees the happiness that the Gospel brings to his family he will continue to grow closer to the church and eventually have the desires to become a member and go to the temple as a family. We dont know when that will be, but it will happen and whether I get to see it or not, I wll be super excited for them.

This week we really need to find some new people to teach. We need a lot of help because in all of my other areas it was easy to find people. We could just talk to people in the street and boom there it was, but here its a little different, we cant do that. I mean we can, but it doesnt work as well. We need to start working with the members more and thats what we will be doing this upcoming week. hopefully we will see some huge changes!

Thanks for all the love like always! i love it and really am so grateful for all the suport i have! I love you all!

Elder Santore




“If you ever have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell, because that’s exactly where it came from.”

What a great week it was, I was able to see my family and Cristina for mothers day and it was just perfect. Its weird how time flies by and how strange seeing people you love for a short period of time can really change a lot. It made my entire week and I am just filled with love and joy to have such a loving family.

We had a baptism this past week, which always make the week more special. It was the mother and wife of the family we have been working with for a while. It was a great baptism, there were so many people there to support, a lot from the ward and a lot of her friends that came to support her as well. It was amazing, now all the family members are members of the Church and they can work on going to the temple as a family in a year. We are so excited as a Ward and Misisonaries because this is a very special thing, to see the gospel enter into a whole family and bless every aspect of their lives. Really I have seen that. They were different when I first came to this area, and now they really fill the love that comes with livng the gospel and obeying the commandments.

We will also be able to see eric be baptized this week. He is so good, he loves church and always pays really good attention during our lessons. He is super nice, and always walks us down the street whenever we leave haha, for a 19 year old he has really good manners. Its impressive.

lets see, oh! Elder sorensen left today to go to barcelona and elder Moreno is coming to Logroño. He was with me in gandia in the city above us. He is super great and we got along really well, so im super excited! He is from southern spain and will be with Elder Caetano. We are super stoked, we will miss Elder Sorensen, but we are pretty used to saying goodbyes now haha. And another hermana from northern california is coming to logroño because Hermana Foncubierta is going to Valencia. So we had some few changes this transfer and we think things are change a lot the next transfer. But I love the changes, its so exciting!

Well, I love you all and I am so grateful for all the love that you show me and the support. I am still loving it here and I just know and feel that this is exactly where I need to be. that little reassurance always gives me hope that really this is the work of the Lord and the smiles and tears of the people we teach is another witness that this is true, that even it wasnt true, its providing people with a fuller life, with real love and respect for everyone which is really what we all need.

I love you all!
quote of the day
“If you ever have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell, because that’s exactly where it came from.” Brigham Young
Boom i love that

Until next time,
Elder Santore


Things went down this past week! We had some crazzy miracles and great experience. First off, yesterday we had to go to Madrid to get some papers figured out for Elder Vickery, but now he is all legal to be here in Spain! It was super fun though, because we got all day to walk around Madrid and it was so weird, I never thought I would go back there. We went to the palace and the main center and it was so mind blowing to be back, it felt like a week ago when I was there in the MTC. But then we went to the Temple and the MTC as well. It was so amazing. The bummer was the Temple was closed, but we got to inside and see the missionaries that are coming out soon, and then I got to see one of my teachers as well. Super weird, just a whole trippy experience but I loved it so much.

Ok and so this week we have two baptisms that are planned!! We are so excited! The first one is Eric, a friend of a members. He is 19 and from Nigeria and is just the man, He came here to play soccer and is just the nicest guy in the world.

The second is Patricia!! She is the wife of Asier and we have been trying to meet with her forever but she has been working so we haven´t been able to pretty much all transfer! But we see her every Sunday and this past Sunday she came up to us and pulled me aside and was like I would like to baptized this week! I was like huh
But she said she just woke up with the desires to be baptized!! We were so shocked!! But its been insane, she quit her job because she hated being away all the time and now we are visiting with them everynight this week to prepare her and see where she is!! It is such a miracle!!! We are so excited for them! Because she is the last one of the family to be baptized and so they can all progress together until they go to the Temple next year!!!! Boom

So ya thats what happened this past week!! It was a good week!!!

and to end this week I get to skype the Family!! Its been great, I don´t know why we are seeing all these blessings but I love it.

Thank you for all the love and support and everything that you all do for me!! I love you all so much!!

Elder Santore

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