Things went down this past week! We had some crazzy miracles and great experience. First off, yesterday we had to go to Madrid to get some papers figured out for Elder Vickery, but now he is all legal to be here in Spain! It was super fun though, because we got all day to walk around Madrid and it was so weird, I never thought I would go back there. We went to the palace and the main center and it was so mind blowing to be back, it felt like a week ago when I was there in the MTC. But then we went to the Temple and the MTC as well. It was so amazing. The bummer was the Temple was closed, but we got to inside and see the missionaries that are coming out soon, and then I got to see one of my teachers as well. Super weird, just a whole trippy experience but I loved it so much.

Ok and so this week we have two baptisms that are planned!! We are so excited! The first one is Eric, a friend of a members. He is 19 and from Nigeria and is just the man, He came here to play soccer and is just the nicest guy in the world.

The second is Patricia!! She is the wife of Asier and we have been trying to meet with her forever but she has been working so we haven´t been able to pretty much all transfer! But we see her every Sunday and this past Sunday she came up to us and pulled me aside and was like I would like to baptized this week! I was like huh
But she said she just woke up with the desires to be baptized!! We were so shocked!! But its been insane, she quit her job because she hated being away all the time and now we are visiting with them everynight this week to prepare her and see where she is!! It is such a miracle!!! We are so excited for them! Because she is the last one of the family to be baptized and so they can all progress together until they go to the Temple next year!!!! Boom

So ya thats what happened this past week!! It was a good week!!!

and to end this week I get to skype the Family!! Its been great, I don´t know why we are seeing all these blessings but I love it.

Thank you for all the love and support and everything that you all do for me!! I love you all so much!!

Elder Santore

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