“If you ever have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell, because that’s exactly where it came from.”

What a great week it was, I was able to see my family and Cristina for mothers day and it was just perfect. Its weird how time flies by and how strange seeing people you love for a short period of time can really change a lot. It made my entire week and I am just filled with love and joy to have such a loving family.

We had a baptism this past week, which always make the week more special. It was the mother and wife of the family we have been working with for a while. It was a great baptism, there were so many people there to support, a lot from the ward and a lot of her friends that came to support her as well. It was amazing, now all the family members are members of the Church and they can work on going to the temple as a family in a year. We are so excited as a Ward and Misisonaries because this is a very special thing, to see the gospel enter into a whole family and bless every aspect of their lives. Really I have seen that. They were different when I first came to this area, and now they really fill the love that comes with livng the gospel and obeying the commandments.

We will also be able to see eric be baptized this week. He is so good, he loves church and always pays really good attention during our lessons. He is super nice, and always walks us down the street whenever we leave haha, for a 19 year old he has really good manners. Its impressive.

lets see, oh! Elder sorensen left today to go to barcelona and elder Moreno is coming to Logroño. He was with me in gandia in the city above us. He is super great and we got along really well, so im super excited! He is from southern spain and will be with Elder Caetano. We are super stoked, we will miss Elder Sorensen, but we are pretty used to saying goodbyes now haha. And another hermana from northern california is coming to logroño because Hermana Foncubierta is going to Valencia. So we had some few changes this transfer and we think things are change a lot the next transfer. But I love the changes, its so exciting!

Well, I love you all and I am so grateful for all the love that you show me and the support. I am still loving it here and I just know and feel that this is exactly where I need to be. that little reassurance always gives me hope that really this is the work of the Lord and the smiles and tears of the people we teach is another witness that this is true, that even it wasnt true, its providing people with a fuller life, with real love and respect for everyone which is really what we all need.

I love you all!
quote of the day
“If you ever have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell, because that’s exactly where it came from.” Brigham Young
Boom i love that

Until next time,
Elder Santore


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