chika chika baaauuuutisssmo!

This week was great as well
We had another baptism for Eric! It wasso good. He came right on time and told us he didnt have a lot of time and that freaked us out but i think he though it would last all night or something, but we had a great service and he loved it. It was good to see him make the step and feel good about it.

We also have some new changes here in Lorgoño. Hermana mangelson came in place of Hermana Foncubierta and she is super great. From California and just works really hard, and then we have Elder Moreno from southern spain. He is so great, he was in my district in Gandia about 6-8 months ago, super weird. But he is super funny and we have a great piso again. We all just love to mess around which makes it super fun.

tonight we are meeting with Carlos and his family and we will be talking about how much love God has for us, because he is the only member of his family not baptized but he comes to church every sunday and all the activites. He just needs some extra support I think. He grew up catholic like everybody here so he has the problem of leaving something that was so prominent in his life for so long. But I think as he sees the happiness that the Gospel brings to his family he will continue to grow closer to the church and eventually have the desires to become a member and go to the temple as a family. We dont know when that will be, but it will happen and whether I get to see it or not, I wll be super excited for them.

This week we really need to find some new people to teach. We need a lot of help because in all of my other areas it was easy to find people. We could just talk to people in the street and boom there it was, but here its a little different, we cant do that. I mean we can, but it doesnt work as well. We need to start working with the members more and thats what we will be doing this upcoming week. hopefully we will see some huge changes!

Thanks for all the love like always! i love it and really am so grateful for all the suport i have! I love you all!

Elder Santore





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