“What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

Well hello everybody again. This week we had some weird things go down. Elder Vickery was pretty sick and we had to stay in almost everyday. He palced his hand on some plastic thing in the street and had some sort of allergic reaction and his hand turned into a balloon, it was super funny. He was so confused and it hurt him a lot but i was even more confused because he literally just palced his hand on it and then was like waving his hand around like he was bit by a snake or something. After a few hours i understood because it was swollen pretty bad but before that I was so confused. We ended up going to the hospital beacuse it wasnt going down and he was feeling sick as well. So they gave him some pills and they told him he would be fine. But they were going to give him a shot in his butt and it would have been the best but h chickened out!! I was so bummed it was gonna the best thing ever. but i dont if i would want that either haha.

Lets see, I got a little sick as well but not as bad as elder Vickery. We met with Carlos and the family and they are doing great, this week we are going over as well and we will be talking a little more about baptism and how to really recognize answers. We are excited, beacuse we think that as we work with him little by little he be able to really recognize the spirit and the truth of this all.

Asiers family is doing great and we are visiting with them tonight, and those visits are always the best because they are super fun and spiritual because they just want to learn and keep moving forward and then we play games and eat amazing food, so ya they are the greastest, a very special family.

This week we have a lot of good things pplanned, we are going up to bilbao for a conference and then we are going to a mountain tomorrow with some members and its the highest point in the region, so im pretty stoked for that. I love doing little excursions and hikes, makes me feel normal again, but in a good way like i can still enjoy myself as a missionary.

Well thats that for this week I think. I think this week we we have a lot of good things going down, so ya. I love you all like always.

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

have a great week!!
Elder Santore


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